REGML Chapter 2 – The Orphanage of Horror II

Ruan Qiao finished the cake that was brought up later, went to the fireworks party alone, and thought for a long time on the subway home.

As a partner, Shen Junmu’s kindness was his fan gaining trait, but as a couple, she couldn’t accept his warm male temperament, especially Mu Qiao’s personality, which she was as clear as day about. She knows that what Muqiao hates most is yoga so how can she attend yoga class.

As soon as they got to the gate of the community, Ruan Qiao sent a message to the captain, saying that she planned to take a half year off from the competition.

She shut down and removed the card in one go.

She needed to be separated from Shen Junmu for a period of time to sort out her feelings.

Before walking a few steps, a man in a suit suddenly came to her and stopped her at the entrance of the community.

The other side was very polite: “Are you Miss Ruan Qiao from the AAS team?”

Ruan Qiao took out a bunch of business cards from her bag and handed them over one by one: “Ask our team leader for matches, our manager for business activities, and our boss if you want to dig over people. By the way, if you need to unlock doors, you can call my senior brother at this number.”

The man in the suit was stunned with the several dozen business cards: “Miss Ruan, we came to you to help save people.”

She looked up: “I am a girl addicted to the internet, not a doctor.”


After returning from the hospital, Ruan Qiao went directly to her home and put the signed contract on the table in front of the sleeping cabin.

A contract to save lives.

The thin figure and pale face of the man lying in the hospital appeared repeatedly in her mind.

Her mission goal was called Su Xi, who is a rich second gen addicted to gaming.

But his obsession is not ordinary.

Su Xi has been staying in the game world ever since he entered a holographic horror game half a year ago. His subconscious refused to wake up, and forcefully cutting off the device link may cause damage to his body and nerves.

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Fortunately, the setting of that game is that if you die in the copy, you must go offline and wake up. Su Xi’s parents also thought this way. Who would have thought that he had never experienced a death in the game.

Although he has nutrition maintenance equipment to support his body, there will still be accidents in the long run.

They once sent many people into the game to kill Su Xi, but they were killed without exception. And everytime one goes, he will block one.

Father Su had no choice but to hire a game master to approach Su Xi. Unexpectedly, he had been assassinated many times and was on alert. Ordinary people could not gain his trust at all, let alone kill him in the game.

Ruan Qiao was selected because she met two characteristics of completing the task——a survival game master, and her appearance was quite deceptive.

It happened that she didn’t want to play [Survival Line SL] any more at this time. She wanted to play another game to relax.

Unlike SL, which focused on competition, this holographic game named [Isolation Area IA] focused on suspense, horror and survival.

Both games are outstanding in the area of holographic games, they were practically the games with the largest number of players and the best reputation on the market.

Due to IA’s iris recognition technology, each person can only have one account. Ruan Qiao’s mission also got the cooperation of IA Company. As the core technology of the game involves human nerve and biological fields, IA Company and the government have signed relevant agreements, so they could not interfere in the game too much. All her requirements only met two requirements. One was to give her a new account, and the other was to try to match the two players’ game copies together during the game.

Before entering AAS to compete, Ruan Qiao was also a loyal fan of the game Isolation Area, but for some reason, she locked her original account.

[Isolation Area IA] The time and actual flow rate in the game were different. After Ruan Qiao entered the sleeping chamber, she entered the game landing room.

This was a monotonous room with white walls on all sides, overhead and underfoot, which was no more than 12 square meters in size. The original space would change only when the account information was read after login.

[It is detected that this player has a new account quota, do you want to use it?]

Ruan Qiao chose to create a new character. The appearance and body value of IA matched the player’s own value, but the appearance can be adjusted by 30%, and the body value can be changed by adding points. She cut her appearance by 30%, changed her facial features and body shape as much as possible, and looked like an ordinary soft girl.

Her face value was not low if she can be used as a CP with Shen Jiamu by the official. Even if her appearance is reduced by 30%, she is still beautiful, but she was not as noticeable as before.

[Please enter ID (ID can only be modified once)]

She thought about it and wrote three words.

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