SOOEW Chapter 424 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game LXVII

No matter what the reaction of the audience off the stage was, the people on the stage were still continuing step by step.

After the game, there will be a period of interaction on the scene. After smelling the gossip, the host will naturally refuse to miss this opportunity. After a brief question to Wen Ying, he smilingly asked Duhuo: “Will President Heifeng feel lost if Luo Ying can climb to the top?”

Duhuo nodded. “She deserves her name.”

“It’s curious to speak of, when Luo Ying was in danger, I saw that you stopped in the same place and didn’t continue to climb. You also spread the ladder together. If she accidentally fell down and fell on it, it was very likely that she would be saved. Are you doing this to help her?”

The audience who listened to the gossip was so excited that they stared at the answers on the stage.

Before he could answer the question, the sleeve behind his elbow was gently tugged on by Wen Ying. His eyebrows did not move, but his mind was distracted.

Wen Ying was standing between him and Prince Long.

He also knew that if there was an accident at another time or it was only himself who moved, it would be fine, but now, it was the four of them who made abnormal reactions when she was in danger at the same time.

After all, what they participated in was a competitive game. If they admit it, it was equivalent to saying that they were releasing water for her, but in fact, even if they didn’t spend a few seconds at that time, they still couldn’t catch up with her.

Then why should people slander her?

So he glanced at the host and said against his heart, “I didn’t, my feet slipped.”

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The host was stunned for a moment. After completing the scene, he immediately turned around and asked Prince Long, “The President of Fentian also took out the demon rope at that time? As we all know, the target of the demon rope is the demon profession. You……”

Prince Long didn’t raise his eyebrows and opened his eyes to tell a lie. “I brought out the wrong weapon.”

Host: ” President of Wushuang guild?”

Mobei Eagle calmly replied, “Isn’t it natural to shoot obstacles in the game?”

Not really.

“What about the leap of Ye Lang’s president?” The host did not give up.

Zheng Yun looked at him with innocent eyes, as if he were looking at a fool. “This game, is it not a game of climbing up?”

Host: “……”

No problem.

After this round of answers, there were various voices from the audience, ranging from cheers to sighs.

Realizing that there was no breakthrough, the host quickly received the instructions from the director from the headset after hesitating, “Questions from the audience.” He immediately handed over sovereignty to the eager audience with a smile.

The first one who stood up was a young man with a slightly red face and seemingly a little shy. “Just now my friends and I were discussing the operation of the goddess. I don’t know how you learned it?”

Wen Ying shared the training methods she had experienced with them, and said, “In fact, my operation may not be better than theirs. I just accumulated strength at the beginning when they competed, and later came in first.” She was in a relaxed mood and joked slightly, “This is my experience from being chased.”

With this smile from the goddess, the killing power was too great. The young man sat back in a daze and was shoved by his friend while hugged around his neck.

“As far as I know, goddess Liu Yan also has a history of being chased down.” The next person who stood up, unexpectedly asked Liu Yan, a bit sharply, “but it seems that you haven’t practiced the skills of our goddess?”

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