SAPPS Chapter 166

“Jin Ke? What does this have to do with him?”

Ying Xingjue lifted his eyes lightly, and his pupils were dark: “This is the hand of Damocles.”

“You mean……” Gong Yijue responded with a meaningless smile. “He is a 3S commander who wastes time on such things.”

“Why does it count as waste?” Ying Xingjue said lightly, “Samuel was given a ten minute penalty.”

Gong Yijue was stunned: “That’s right. You commanders are really……” Terrible.

As soon as Samuel was punished, the friction among all military academies suddenly stopped, and all parties began to immerse themselves in training for fear that they would be punished if they failed.

The discipline was surprisingly good at one time.

The only person who was unhappy was Shaw Eli, who was slapped since he entered the harbor. Now, he has been implicated and stunned in his room.

Everywhere he went, he felt pointed out.

A 3S grade mecha soldier,  knocked unconscious by someone, spoken about, he was doomed to be ‘go down in history’.

“Good afternoon, Brother Shaw.” Liao Runing came out of the simulation cabin and greeted him warmly.

“Good afternoon, Brother Shaw.” Jin Ke also smiled.

Then Ying Chenghe and Huo Xuanshan greeted him.

Shen Tukun froze, looked at his teammates, and finally said seriously, “Good afternoon, Brother Shaw.”

Samuel’s main commander: “……”

Shaw Eli’s face twisted. Although the other side was polite and warm, he clearly felt a strong taunt.

Finally, he said with a dark face, “I hope you can be so happy tomorrow.”

“They are of poor character.” Liao Runing shook his head and sighed.

Five people went to the canteen, and Jin Ke suddenly said that he would go to have dinner with Wei San.

He usually got close to Wei San, and Shen Tukun didn’t have any doubts, just reminded Jin Ke to go to the simulation cabin at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Ying Chenghe watched Jin Ke walk away, looked at Liao Runing who looked flighty, and bowed his head to eat quietly.

“Commander. ” Ding Hemei rose to greet Jin Ke.

“I have something to say to Wei San.” Jin Ke smiled at them, looking like a totally calm and intelligent 3S conductor.

“Let’s go and sit over there.” Nie Haoqi held up the plate to greet the rest of the team.

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Seeing Jin Ke sitting down, Wei San raised his eyes and said, “What’s the matter?”

“I have something.” Jin Ke said earnestly, “I know what you and they have done.”

Wei San was puzzled: “What is it? Who are the two?”

“Continue to fake it.” Jin Ke kicked her. “The main soldiers of South Percy Military Academy don’t have any dealings with grade A, and Shaw Eli is still a branch of Eli’s family.”

Wei San raised his eyebrows: “So?”

“So bring me next time.” Jin Ke smiled and pointed at himself, “The 3S commander can’t be wasted.”

Jin Ke released all kinds of news, but the suspicion of Damocles Military Academy was not mixed in, and even the teacher began to suspect that there were external forces deliberately taking the opportunity to challenge.

“What you said is reasonable.” Wei San thought for a moment, “We need a person to wipe our buttocks.”

“When did you three get so close?” Jin Ke gathered around and asked Liao Runing, who was so bad tempered, that it was inevitable to get close to Wei San, but why did Huo Xuanshan do such things with Wei San.

If it was not for the news that Samuel were beaten, Liao Runing would not be surprised at all. Jin Ke could not imagine that the three of them committed crimes in groups. Huo Xuanshan was so serious that he hid deeply.

“You don’t have to deal with the matters of mecha soldiers.” Wei San said perfunctorily.

It’s shameless to say such things as playing underground games.

After the meeting, Jin Ke smiled: “The competition will officially start tomorrow. The competition is like a battlefield. Don’t be lenient, or you will die.”

Wei San paused with her chopsticks, “……alright.”

“I will inform the school team commander of other matters, but be careful when you meet Pingtong Academy and Imperial Military Academy.” Jin Ke said earnestly.

Usually, they joke about the “Fire of Empire”. It’s not easy to compete in the competition, especially the first fight, which is full of temptation. The five military academies have their own considerations.

Wei San simply took the egg from Jin Ke’s plate and said, “The Imperial Military Academy’s team is just like that. Their chief can’t beat me.”

Not only in the past, but even now, Wei San subconsciously tells herself that Tai Wude has no chance of winning against her.

To be exact, she has never been afraid of anyone.

“You knew it before the fight started?” Jin Ke could not help shaking his head. “The super A-grade chief soldier can stand out in the Imperial Military Academy and get the position of chief soldier, so he should not be underestimated.”

“That’s all. Tai Wude has a bad habit of fighting.”

Jin Ke frowned: “Do you know him?”

“You don’t know him?” Wei San looked at him strangely. “We are people from 3212 Star, and his family lived next door to yours.”

Jin Ke: “…… I haven’t communicated with him.”

At that time, he was busy expanding his garbage map to the Federation,  he did not notice his ordinary peers, and there was only an unknown star on the data, without specifying the name of the unknown star.

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