WFILTU Chapter 547 – Extras IV II

Lin Zhihua also laughed and was very happy.

“Baby, I’m old.”

“Uncle, I’m old too.” Xue Jiao replied with a smile.

Lin Zhihua liked to hear her shout “Uncle” when they were fooling around back then.

Lin Zhihua grabbed her hand. His hand had turned into a wrinkled bark, with blue veins protruding and even trembling.

Xue Jiao hugged him back and helped him onto the wheelchair.

“It’s still early. Let’s go out and watch the sunrise.” Lin Zhihua said.

Xue Jiao nodded, “alright.”

The two went to the balcony outside. It was a fine day. There was a light in the sky and the sun was about to rise. It was conceivable that today was blue sky and white clouds.

Ever since Lin Zhihua and Xue Jiao made the largest and most advanced cleaner ten years ago, the sky in Beijing has been free of haze. When the weather is good, it is blue skies and white clouds.

This was Lin Zhihua’s only scientific research achievement, and this was his birthday gift to Xue Jiao.

My love, I send you blue sky and white clouds.

Xue Jiao was also old, she couldn’t squat, hence, she took a stool and sat beside the wheelchair, leaning against Lin Zhihua.

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Lin Zhihua looked at the blue sky and asked in a low voice, “should I have died long ago? Before you came.”

Xue Jiao nodded, this was the first time they mentioned this in their life.

When proposing, Xue Jiao found out that he knew about it, but he never mentioned it again. Today, he actually spoke about it.

“Yes, in that accident.”

Lin Zhihua smiled and said happily, “No wonder I love you so much. You are my life in the first place.”

“I love you too.” Xue Jiao turns her head and looks at Lin Zhihua.

Lin Zhihua is too old to move, but he still tries to turn his head and prints a kiss on the forehead of Xue Jiao. Then he said, “Jiao Jiao, I can’t carry you anymore……”

“Never mind, you’ve carried me long enough.” Xue Jiao laughed.

Lin Zhihua smiled and squinted: “It’s the greatest blessing from heaven that I can meet you in my life. In the next life, I hope we can still be together.”

Xue Jiao squinted at the old man in front of her. He was old, but she thought he was still handsome.

“I’m leaving…… Would you mind not following me for the time being……”

Xue Jiao had red eyes and didn’t speak.

Lin Zhihua clenched her hand and whispered……

“Baby…… I love you……”

The strength of his hand was relaxed, and he left with a smile around his mouth beside the person he loved.

Xue Jiao looked at the red sun rising in the sky, showing a big smile, but tears flowed down.


After Lin Zhihua’s death, Lin Sinian never left his mother. He was very worried.

But her mother calmly held the funeral and sent Lin Zhihua away.

Lin Sinian was even more worried.

At this time, his father’s lawyer came with a will.

Lin Zhihua gave all his property to Lin Sinian years before, and this will was given to his wife Gu Xuejiao.

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