SOOEW Chapter 423 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game LXVI

In fact, the situation at that time was very exciting. Seeing a large group of people coming up, Prince Long and Mobei Eagle joined hands to cut off their way. Then they passed through this area one after another and came to the starry night area where everyone was.

As soon as they entered here, they found that the visual area was narrow, and there were many obstacles along the way. Even Zheng Yun and Duhuo were blocked on the way, and the opportunity to dismantle them was not too far away.

Wen Ying, instead, took out a prop stone she had just “picked up”. After using it, a pair of wings immediately grew on her back, and there was a 3-second protection time. Unexpectedly, she overtook them and jumped to the front in one fell swoop.

The commentator has become very calm from the two or three consecutive blows, joking: “external objects can’t really compare with strength, but its setting has its meaning of existence. After all, you can’t hold the goddess of luck on the spot, can you?”

Wen Ying could not hear the other party’s teasing. In the process of flying upward, she suddenly gained a thump in her heart. It seemed that a dark cloud covered her head. She looked up.

It’s already too late!

Just after her protection time passed, an eagle swooped down from the top and pecked at her!

When she saw it, it was close at hand. She could not avoid it in time. With a peck, half of her wings were “broken” and disappeared. She immediately lost her balance and fell down!

The feeling of weightlessness made her heart miss a beat, and the wind beat her face painfully.

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Of course, she knew that when she falls beyond a certain range, she will be forced to withdraw from the competition and will not really fall to pieces. But……

Just when people thought that she would fall out like Liu Yan and felt sorry for her, they saw that several men below her moved almost at the same time.

Their brush-like movements were like they simultaneously planned it.

Mobei Eagle had the strongest night vision. His heart leaped. He raised his hand and shot an arrow at the eagle. Zheng Xun relied on his good posture and jumped several times to the nearest place without thinking about it. After Wen Ying fell a little further, he could catch the person.

But he jumped fast, and Prince Long’s demon rope was faster than him. He waved it up as fast as a whip, and broke through the clouds sharply at too fast a speed.

Duhuo has long grasped the characteristics of the important “prop” of the ladder in the game, kicked a few feet, and kicked the originally separated clouds together, forming a thick existence like a protective net.

However, their precautions did not work.

Wen Ying barely opened her eyes, raised her hand and grabbed it. She actually pulled off a feather of the eagle. It gave a long cry when it hurt, and its wings beat out the whirlpool randomly. He dived at a faster speed and tried to peck at her again!

She took the opportunity to add a negative deceleration state to herself, and when it came, she hugged its neck!

Almost in the blink of an eye, she used another prop stone. The opening of animal training skills made her eyes flash a ray of light. The beak of the eagle that pecked at her was stiff, and it was tamed in a flash. When Wen Ying adjusted her posture and sat on the back of the eagle, its wings widened. Suddenly, it took a few steps up the ladder. The wild wind made her hair flutter, but she was very happy and bent to look down.

She saw that they didn’t climb much in that time, and she was very close to the cloud already.

“What’s the matter?”

She gave a puzzled murmur.

The audience did not speak mysteriously: ……

What’s the matter? You tell us what’s the matter?!

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