SAPPS Chapter 165

“The main members, will they doubt us?” Shen Tukun frowned.

Jin Ke glanced at Liao Runing, who was very quiet, and then slowly said: “Not necessarily, there was also a school team chief who was attacked, and the injury was more serious. Maybe Shaw Eli was an affected pond fish.”

During the normal training of others, the teachers began to investigate the whole matter. As Jin Ke expected, the teacher did not put the suspicion on the students of Damocles Military Academy.

The chief of the school team was half swollen and his hands were broken. According to the doctor’s test report, there were signs of being attacked in the lower part of his body. On the contrary, Shaw Eli had no other injuries besides finding two people sneaking in to being knocked unconscious.

All kinds of traces show that the attacker came to attack the chief and Shaw Eli was solved only because he happened to be in the room next to him.

“Of the three people, Shaw Eli saw only one person, who was a male. He was knocked unconscious behind his back. It was not known whether they were male or female. The one who sneaked into the school team chief’s room was a female. It was unclear what level they were, but it obviously seemed that it was revenge on the school team chief.”

“Those in Damocles Military Academy have no contact with the chief of this school, and according to the investigation, this student has offended a group of girls. Except Imperial Military Academy, he has offended all the other military schools.”

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“Could they be students from South Percy?” Some teachers doubted this.

There were many girls in South Percy, and the main members were just one 3S and two double S. If it was a girl who stunned Shaw Eli, the gender could also match South Percy, one male and two female.

The teachers did not check the matter again after investigating it. Instead, Samuel Military Academy teachers got other people’s strange glances. Unexpectedly, one of their students bullied the girls in the military schools by virtue of their identity.

In the afternoon, all the Samuel cadets were criticized in a circle, and a ten minute penalty was given at the beginning of the first competition. As for the chief of the school team, he not only had to withdraw from the competition, but also was expelled from the military academy.

For a while, other military academies were discussing this topic.

“Hahaha, why are the two students who were beaten, punished instead?”

“It is said that the chief of the school team bullied the girls of other military schools. Because everyone did not want to have disputes before the game, he often succeeded. They were beaten overnight and this also dragged down the main members.”

“Have the main members been beaten?”

“What’s so strange about this? Now all of them at Samuel are punished.”

“Isn’t this punishment too much? It’s none of the other’s business.”

“What he did as a chief of the school team is a mistake that the students at the same school never knew. Also, have you forgotten what’s the origin of the main commentator, Yu Tianhe?”

“South Percy.”

“Yes, she graduated from South Percy Military Academy. Those who bullied her school sisters, as a powerful commentator, what’s wrong with this punishment?”

“I heard that it was the three mecha soldiers in South Percywho did it. How tough!”


The three main mecha soldiers in South Percy who were suddenly being talked about: “……”

As for the real ‘killer’, they were still at large and at ease.

“South Percy Military Academy has become more courageous because the main commentator this year is Yu Tianhe?” Gong Yijue said that and lowered his head to record the data of the three mecha soldiers in the simulation cabin.

“Not them.” Ying Xingjue, with his eyelashes drooping, closed his eyes and said, “The news that the commander from Samuel harassed girls was released by Jin Ke.”

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