SOOEW Chapter 22 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XXII

After lunch, the two laughed and cleaned together. Then they played games for a while, from the Three Kingdoms to Monopoly and finally Uno, like a raging fire.

After the recording ended, he sorted out the cards while she went to the kitchen and brought out a bag of flour. She held the bag and was ready to leave.

He sat on the floor with his legs crossed and asked casually: “Zou Weidong also has a house in this neighborhood. Did you know?” In fact, he wanted to ask more, such as, have you been there?


Her attitude was too frank, in an instant his line of sight changed and happened to fall on the bag of flour. He asked, “Why did you also buy the flour, for what?”

Wen Ying smilingly answered, “This ah, it’s to take home and make dumplings.”


Wen Ying wore sunglasses and a face mask, and pressed on her hat to ring the doorbell of Zou Weidong’s house.

When she met Zou Weidong in the supermarket, she knew that the proposal to let the show crew do a “surprise lunch” was not in vain. The original owner was still too stupid. She paid what she should pay, but what she deserved was robbed by Zhou Pei’s glib talk.

Zou Weidong opened the door for her remotely, and when she walked into the house, there was a hint of sarcasm from the corner of his mouth: “What? Can’t see anyone?”

“For the sake of me being a kitchen maid, I also ask President Zou to be merciful with your words.” Wen Ying hooked her eyes and smiled at him, and walked into the kitchen swaying.

Zou Weidong leaned on the door frame and looked at her.

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He always thought that he knew this woman was ambitious and willing to use her body. However, she wasn’t smart enough or resilient enough. Once such a person suffers a blow and falls from the apex, they will fall apart and start to break down psychologically. When he decided to help Zhou Pei, he thought about her ending—— probably shutting herself at home all day, expecting her agent to help her solve the problem, or turning around and begging him.

He never envisioned that there would also be a day where he would identify wrongly.

Zhou Pei called him two days ago due to public opinion pressure and poured out to him: “I just want to play my own drama. Even if I can’t compare with her, don’t I even have the qualifications to work hard?”

After promising to resolve it as soon as possible, he  unconsciously noticed the movement of his little canary.

He is a layman who does not understand the progress of acting skills. She has changed a lot in her public relations attitude and wording. Before, he did not know how many times he paid for her “amazing words”. The reality TV show made him have a completely new appraisal of her.


When Wen Ying was about halfway finished, she looked up to see the president in a daze, so she quietly slipped over, wiped his face with a hand covered in flour, and then turned around and ran.

Before she even took two steps, she was seized around the waist.

Her waist is particularly sensitive. He didn’t know how many times he had rubbed it before. She laughed softly in his arms, struggled to stand up straight and shake him off: “I’m only joking, why are you so stingy!”

“En?” He sprayed a slightly hot breath around her neck, and his tone revealed another danger. “Who are you kidding with?”

She surrendered: “I’m wrong, I’m wrong, you let go of me. I almost have no energy left to cook for you.”

“Then don’t do it.” He tightened his arms and kissed her neck, instantly forming a kiss mark expertly. He turned down the neckline and landed on her shoulder.

Her entire body numbed, yet her nails caught his arm and she shouted in a low tone, “Zou Weidong!”

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