WFILTU Chapter 28 – Monthly Exam III

On Sunday night, Xue Jiao was sitting on the balcony reciting vocabulary, and Li Sitong came in, out of her wits.

Xue Jiao blankly lowered her head to look at her, thought about it, and asked with concern, “Mom? What’s the matter with you? “

Li Sitong walked in front of her and looked at her.

Compared with half a month ago, the appearance of Xue Jiao has completely changed. Her exaggerated appearance from before was gone, replaced by a clean and pure appearance, with a face thirty percent similar to her own and seventy percent more refined.

A pair of big eyes look up at herself; clever and sensible, delicate and weak, able to cause heartache.

Li Sitong holds her head in her arms.

“Jiao Jiao…… from now on, you should always be sensible……ok? “

Her voice was very quiet and carried some sadness.

Xue Jiao slowly spoke: “Ok…… “

She reached out and patted the woman in front of her: “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

Li Sitong never shows her fragile side in front of children, so she only shakes her head gently.

Today, she went shopping with a little sister and wanted to buy two more suitable outfits for Xue Jiao, who was a sensible girl recently. She happened to meet Wu Wanjun in a lady’s clothing store.

The dress hanging in the store window is very beautiful. The salesperson was holding it up for Wu Wanjun to see. Several wives around her say that it is very suitable for Gu Shiyun.

Li Sitong didn’t know why she was angry at that time. She rushed over and asked Wu Wanjun why she bought some mature and pompous clothes for Jiao Jiao, yet was able to buy suitable clothes for Gu Shiyun?

What did Wu Wanjun say at that time?

She was probably still smiling gently, and then said some words that had no problems if you listened to it literally, but if you listened carefully to all the words, they expressed dislike for Xue Jiao.

She was furious.


The middle-aged woman next to Wu Wanjun said another word, which pierced her heart——

“Li Sitong, you are a woman who has failed in life. Men don’t want you and abandon you, you can’t even raise the only child you have properly!”

She didn’t teach Xue Jiao well. She also knew that she was a joke in this circle. Even if she married Cheng Shuo, everyone was still waiting to see her jokes!

She made great efforts living in the Cheng family and tried to be nice to everyone, but the Chieng family elder still liked the acrid Liu Yazhen better than her.

Not only because she’s on her second marriage, but also because—— she can’t teach children.

“Jiao Jiao, you have to always be obedient…… you can’t ever revert to how you were like before, I won’t ask you to be excellent, only…… only as long as you don’t run wild. “

She said this quietly. Xue Jiao has a general idea why she was so upset.

Many of the contents of that book were still fresh in her mind. Li Sitong was laughed at due to her daughter, Gu Xuejiao. She was laughed at, and when she came back to see Gu Xuejiao’s messy appearance, she got angry and the two fought fiercely.

Xue Jiao sighed slightly: “Mom, I can not only stop being ridiculous but also…… be your glory.”

In her last life, even if she wanted to be the glory of others, she couldn’t do it. In this life, let her continue to work hard, for herself, for…… the woman who loves her very much but doesn’t know how to voice it.

Li Sitong quickly released her and walked back to the room. Xue Jiao knew that she was crying.

“Wei ——” Li Sitong closed the door and another voice appeared.

Xue Jiao looks up and Cheng Mingze puts his hand in his pocket. He says coldly, “We don’t expect your glory. It’s enough if you don’t make your mother angry anymore!”

He finished speaking and turned around.

Xue Jiao: “…… “

So how much resentment did Gu Xuejiao’s appearance cause in people???

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On Monday morning, Xue Jiao came on time in the morning to self-study.

She sat down, took out her books, opened the textbook, and started reciting.

“Wei, bookworm!” Yi Tianyu sat down beside her, his face slumped against the table and looked at her silently.

Xue Jiao didn’t even raise her head, as if she heard nothing.

“Bookworm, since you are so serious, why are your grades so bad?” Yi Tianyu mumbles.

As Gu Xuejiao’s deskmate, he deeply knows how serious this person is!

Yi Tianyu felt that even the first-place student in his class could not match her.

She was very serious. He heard before that she received a single-digit score on a mathematics exam. That is simply unscientific!!

He simply went to sleep, seeing as Xue Jiao was still ignoring him.


“Students, I have some good news to tell you guys!” The fat math teacher said with a raised eyebrow.

“What is it?” On hearing there was good news, everyone was looking at him.

The math teacher smiles all the time, however, he doesn’t show mercy at all, so he is nicknamed “smiling faced tiger”.

He laughed like a Buddha: “This week, there’s no class this Thursday and Friday!”

Many students’ eyes brightened.

The smiling faced tiger continued: “So good luck on the monthly exams taking place on Thursday and Friday!”

“Ah —— ” the students howled.

Xuejiao doesn’t feel much. It doesn’t make any difference to her whether or not she takes the exam, but some people don’t think so.

“Cousin, good luck on the monthly exam! I still remember that you said you would surpass me! ” Cheng Mingjiao said with a smile. Several girls around her who played with her immediately laughed loudly.

Cheng Mingjiao’s eyes flashed with pride, and her eyes moved to Yi Tianyu’s body.

Looking at the other’s handsome face, her cheek is slightly red, “That…… Yi Tianyu, Good luck too! “

Yi Tianyu looks at her in horror: “What are you mocking me for? I didn’t gamble with you! “

“Hahaha!” There was a lot of laughter. Originally, people didn’t think it was anything, but when Yi Tianyu said that everyone thought that Cheng Mingjiao’s words seemed to be ironic.


The author has something to say:

Yi Tianyu: Don’t scare me, I’m very afraidsy afraid!

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  1. Damn if CEO wasn’t our ML I would be screaming for a sweet high school romance with Tian’er he is too cute. T-T damn the curse of the second lead.
    The ML is for the FL but authors make the 2ML the love of the Readers. So dont pity the 2ML too much because in truth he is living the limitless harem life

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Tianyu? He’s too much of a bully to me. I am kinda surprised that he is the second male lead, because most of the time the 2nd ML is usually kind and gentlemanly. It serves as a contrast to the stoic and overbearing male leads.

  3. Yi Tianyu is annoying. Honestly, I not a fan of agegap between leads but it felt that their interactions are only safe place for FL, it only times that she’s smiling instead interacting with hateful people who pressure her and love to backstab her.

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