SOOEW Chapter 23 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XXIII

He loosened his hand and allowed her to stand steadily, using the kitchen table as support. Then he went to unbutton the top button of his shirt. He drawled: “Isn’t this what you want? Is it for the audition? I will remember to go talk to Director Zheng. “

Wen Ying turned around and looked at his movements. She blinked her eyes, and the trace of weakness that appeared was covered up. However, she knew that the other party must have definitely seen it.

“If it was Zhou Pei, would you treat her the same?”

Zou Weidong’s hand stopped, and his eyes cooled, “Don’t mention her, she is different from you.”

“She is different from me?” Wen Ying mocked. “Yes, she is different from me. I have to betray myself to have the opportunity to climb up. She doesn’t need to do anything, and President Zou will help her pave the way!”

“Are you complaining? You want me to benefit from it, and give it voluntarily. I didn’t force you.” He frowned, “Zhou Pei doesn’t think about receiving something from me. When we met, she was still a stand-in for you. After a year, she finally knew who I was and what I can bring, but her attitude towards me has not changed. “

There are too few female celebrities in the entertainment industry who simply purely dream and refuse to fall into the quagmire. Because of this, after he and Zhou Pei had a deep relationship, he couldn’t help but want to help her.

Of course, he really liked her. He admires smart women. Zhou Pei has great stratagems, knows what she wants, and also knows her bottom line.

“If I knew I could chat with you for a year, and I would receive everything. Why should I sleep with you?” Wen Ying raised her head, revealing her white neck, and the hickey he had just created was like mocking her. She also laughed. “You are right. I am not the same as her. I am far less intelligent than her.”


He wanted to refute it again, but suddenly he couldn’t bear to look at her sad look.

Men are like that. They admire clever and intelligent women, but they are also moved by somewhat naive women like Wen Ying.

At this moment, Wen Ying’s naivety even made him feel that she was stupid and cute.

“You have already followed me for a few years, and this time I drew on your fame to create hype. It certainly was too much. If you want Director Zheng’s audition, I will go and tell him personally, as compensation for you. “He eased his tone.

Wen Ying listened and slid down the countertop with her face covered.

“I know, I know that you are laughing at me like them. Obviously, I am greedy for shortcuts, and I want to reach the sky in one step. Obviously, I have not held onto what I got in exchange for my body. Yet, here I am, complaining about others. You are willing to help Zhou Pei unconditionally, or treat others well: those are all your choices. Who kind of person am I? What qualifications do I have to interfere? “

He lowered his head to watch her squatting at his feet. Her huddled form made him want to reach out and touch her head.

“But, I’m not reconciled, ah.” She seemed to be crying, and also laughing, “Haven’t I been stupid? You thought that the time I spent with you was for the money transaction, but——saying I’m overreaching is ok. At that time, I really, really regarded you as my boyfriend. I was hypocritical, deceiving myself, that we were dating, I did not sell myself. In order to deceive myself, I also broke up with my boyfriend who I had been with for three years. “She chuckled. “I’m really stupid. Why did I set up an archway, if I was just a □□*? If I were to hide it from Lu Ze, then I currently would be the film emperor’s girlfriend. “

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His heart was faintly touched .

She bit her lip, wiped her tears with her back in her hands, and her hair curled on her face looking particularly embarrassed. “I later knew that I was too naive. I will go to deliver you meals, and the people at the reception will not let me in. I called your phone, and your secretary answered the phone. He told me that not all messy women can meet you just because they want to see you, and advised me to be good and not trouble you for everything. I suddenly understood.

Zou Weidong outlined the scene at that time in his mind, released a long sigh and squatted down to hug her over.

“Why didn’t you tell me.” Although he didn’t care about her, he wouldn’t let her look at others’ expressions.

“I thank her.” She was held in his arms, neither resisting nor obeying. “After that, I woke up. People eventually have to see their positions clearly. I can deceive myself, but I can’t deceive others. Lu Ze was right for scolding me. I’m a woman who will do anything nasty and dirty just to climb the ladder.


“Ying Ying …”

He used a low voice to call her nickname. In the past, if it wasn’t on the bed, he would never call her that.

She shook her head, trying to stand up on hand, and on the other, said, “Today, I’m really sorry towards President Zou. There is probably no way to make dumplings for you today, and I still made you listen to all my complaints.” She got up too fast, and her numb legs shook. She used the counter as a support.

However, Zou Weidong hugged her up and said before she started to struggle: “Don’t pretend to be brave, I don’t have any other meaning.” He glanced at her lightly and suddenly smiled, “Your face can almost rub out mud. I won’t be able to eat properly”

When she wiped her tears, she also transferred all the flour on her hands to her face, but it wasn’t to the point that mud can be rubbed out.

Wen Ying was stunned, and then buried herself in his arms, sulkingly biting his shoulders, “You’re not allowed to laugh!”

In an instant, he felt some unclear emotions in his heart.


Wen Ying fixed her makeup and walked out of the villa. The sun had already set halfway, and the setting sun seemed like blood.

As soon as the iron gate closed, she turned her head and suddenly froze.

Where the iron door stretched out to meet the white wall, Fang Xing was reclining on it with his head lowered. A cigarette was held between his fingers. Hearing the “squeak” sound of closing the door, he raised his head and looked at her, the half burnt ashes, shattered into the grass.

“You really are here.”


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  1. I’m a little confused about the plot…
    She’s an actress who transmigrated into another actresses body. And she’s in some sort of competition with another actress (the original actress’s body double), who stole her spotlight/backer and ruined her reputation.
    Is that right?
    What I want to know what’s the prize when she wins?

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