WFILTU Chapter 29- Self Confidence I

Cheng Mingjiao’s face turned red, and she ran out with anger and embarrassment.

Yi Tianyu lowered his head slightly and stretched his head over. His eyes were half narrowed, and his handsome face carried a bad smile: “How about it? Ge is treating you pretty good, right?”

Xue Jiao raised her head and looked at him carefully.

The two eyes met in midair. Within a few seconds, Yi Tianyu’s sight moved away uneasily. His ears were slightly red and he stuttered: “What are you looking at!”

Xue Jiao touched her chin, and narrowed her eyes like him: “I’m looking at…… when did my mother give birth to a brother for me! “

Yi Tianyu: “…… “

He was stunned for a moment, his pair of eyes went wide: “She gave birth today, hurry up and call Ge Ge for me to hear!”

“You wish.” Xue Jiao rolled her eyes. 


Yi Tianyu’s head continues to approach: “Wei, don’t you think Cheng Mingjiao……  is aiming at you? “

“En, I know.”

“You don’t hate her?”

“I hate her very much.”

“Then why don’t you speak up when she’s laughing at you? Are you that timid? Yi Tianyu doubts. 

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Xue Jiao sighs a little. Cheng Mingjiao used her studies to confront her. If she refutes now, it would only seem like she’s talking big!

“I’ll thank her after I pass her results in the exam.”

She finished talking, started packing her stuff, and then headed to the canteen.

Yi Tianyu’s widened his eyes: “Damn, isn’t this too damaging?”

When Cheng Mingjiao is better than her, she says nothing and lets the other party go wild.

When she wins, Cheng Mingjiao’s provocation will all be a joke.


At this time, once Gu Xuejiao goes to thank her —— I’m afraid she will spit blood from anger!

“Sure enough…… women are the most poisonous!”

Yi Tianyu said, and then froze: “That’s not right, how can I think that Gu Xuejiao’s results can win Cheng Mingjiao? Cheng Mingjiao is ranked twenty! “

He raised his hand and patted his brain once: “Yi Tianyu, have you lost your mind?”

Otherwise, how can he have confidence in Gu Xuejiao’s honey?!

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