SOOEW Chapter 24 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XXIV

Wen Ying glanced back at Zou Weidong’s house, and then walked towards him:”Why are you here……  “

“Go home and make dumplings, en?” Fang Xing raised his eyebrows and smiled.

The lies were caught, yet Wen Ying didn’t care too much. She walked over to him and saw a cigarette butt thrown under his feet. Her brows lightly locked,”Smoke a little less.”

Fang Xing pulled her elbow closer and smiled,”You’re going to supervise me?”


“Who dares to supervise the young master.” She cast him a sidelong glance,”If you don’t control me, I will already be very thankful.” There were hidden implications.

His expression changed suddenly, and Wen Ying thought he was stimulated by what she said. However, he suddenly reached out to her neck, and she avoided subconsciously, but was still successfully caught by him, his fingertips rubbing somewhere on her neck.

She quickly remembered that Zou Weidong left a kiss mark on it.

“What do you want?” His eyes dimmed, a tone of domineering revealed in his tone,” Didn’t Zou Weidong not want you a long time ago? Why do you reject what is near at hand, and seek that which is far away? What do you want, I will help you.”

“Fang Xing!”

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When she was angry, she always called him that way, but sometimes she was really angry, sometimes, it seemed to be joy mixed with anger. Her voice is not as sweet as a young girl, but she has a lingering charm. The curly hair seemed to have been washed and blown, scattering lingeringly , with a little water vapor, and her angry features suddenly seemed pitiful.

He hatefully took in a breath of smoke, and before the smoke spit out, he lowered his head to kiss her lips.

How would Wen Ying know that he would suddenly become crazy, so she could not avoid in the short span of time, and was kissed head on. Smoke came from his mouth, she was unprepared and choked violently.


“Fang Xing, are you crazy?” She was very uncomfortable and thumped him on the shoulder to push the person away.

“You are crazy.” He removed his lips and stared at her fiercely, letting her cough until her face turned red. “Zou Weidong is just an old man who likes to indulge in the world of wine and women! I also have money, I also have resources, I am also younger than him, why would you rather follow him instead of me? !”

Wen Ying grabbed her own neckline and coughed violently, tears continuously falling from coughing. He looked straight at it, as if someone was pouring cold water on his head, and suddenly tasted a bit of pain.

He leaned close,”Ying Ying, I……  “

She raised her hand and slapped him in the face.


The villas have always been quiet, and this slap is crisp and loud, reverberating far away from the road.

She looked at him, her eyes were frigid.

“Why? Because he never forced me.”

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