WFILTU Chapter 30 – Self-Confidence II

The monthly exam was conducted in a similar fashion to the college exam. On Thursday morning, Chinese will be tested. In the afternoon, mathematics will be tested. The second day, English and the sciences* will be tested.

*理综: biology, physics, and chemistry

In order to keep up with the attitude of the college entrance examination, the scores of several subjects are also graded based on the college entrance examination.

Chinese, mathematics, and English are 150 points each, the sciences are 300 points, with a total of 750 points.

Xue Jiao hasn’t received any of her grades in her last life, but she estimated that her score was about 640. With this score, she can get into a good major and university in their province, but she is still far from the top 10.

In this life, if she could, she would like to have a score that is higher than 700.

Xue Jiao knows it won’t be easy, but she has two years left. Compared to others, she has stolen more than two years.

She thought up to here and her eyes became firm.

The Chinese exam is not difficult. She quickly finished all the multiple-choice questions on the paper and paused when filling in the answer card.


She erased three correct ones and filled in three wrong answers.

Of course, Xuejiao knows her own strength, but Gu Xuejiao shouldn’t have this strength.

The hard work and progress since the school opening can be explained, but it is absolutely impossible for her to gain such an achievement.

After thinking about it, Xue Jiao decided to take the exam according to the passing of each course. This is already a terrifying improvement for Gu Xuejiao, who hasn’t studied much for many years.

The first time, she should take it slowly. That way, next time, she does not need to hide!

Looking at the paper, Xuejiao is very sad. Knowing that she needs to control her abilities to the bare minimum is very difficult for her!

It can’t be done without some strength!

After all…… after all, to do this, she has to answer all the questions accurately!

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“How did you do on the exam?” Xi Junyang felt that his peers in this class were Gu Xuejiao, Yi Tianyu, and Qi Lei, who were also crammed in through the back door. In addition, Xue Jiao was very good-looking, so he would occasionally come over and say a few words.

“It’s none of your business!” Yi Tianyu gave him an angry look.

Xi Junyang also gave him a glare: “I didn’t ask you, the one I asked is Jiao Jiao!”

“What are you asking for? Let’s go play ball! ” Yi Tianyu’s voice suddenly rises with provocation.

“I’m not going!” Xi Junyang ignored him and smiled at Xuejiao. “You are so hard working. You will surely make progress this time.”


Xue Jiao shrugged: “I just passed.”

Yi Tianyu is not happy to see the two people chatting. This Xi Junyang smiles at everyone. It’s a typical central air conditioner. How do girls all like this type?

*I’m assuming that by Central AC, the author is referencing how a central ac covers the entire house, just like how he talks to everyone 🙂

Gu Xuejiao, this woman, even laughed while talking to him!

He suddenly mocked: “Passed? The grades aren’t even out yet, yet you’re so confident? “

Xue Jiao: “…”

Passing is…… confidence?

So in the end, how bad were Yi Tianyu and Gu Xuejiao’s grades?

“Wow! I’ll say, Jiao Jiao is so hardworking, she’ll definitely receive something in return! ” Xi Junyang smiled. Although he was very tall, he had a babyface.

The real age of Xuejiao is nearly 19 years old, so looking at this young man lets her feel like she’s looking at a younger brother.

Hence, she returned a smile: “I will continue to work hard, you should also make a greater effort.”

“Make greater effort my ass!” Yi Tianyu stands up and drags Xi Junyang, “School is over! Play Ball! “

“Aiyah! Slow down, slow down! ” Xi Junyang was dragged out while shouting.


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