WFILTU Chapter 31 – Self – Confidence III

Xue Jiao also put away her school bag and walked out with it.

“Xue Jiao?” She just arrived at the school gate, and a car stopped in front of it. The window rolled down, and a familiar voice sounded.

“Eh? Mr. Lin? ” Xue Jiao is slightly surprised.

Lin Zhihua nodded and a pair of black as ink eyes stared at her: “Do you want to get in the car?”

Xuejiao hurriedly waved: “Nono, there is a car already waiting for me! By the way, why is Mr. Lin here?”

“My brother attends school here. I just picked him up.” He raised his chin slightly to the front passenger seat.

Xue Jiao looked over, and naturally saw a boy in a school uniform.

She smiled at the boy, and then looked at Lin Zhihua: “Then, Mr. Lin, I’ll be leaving first!”

“En, see you later.”

Xue Jiao waved and walked towards Uncle Xing’s car.

Lin Zhihua closed the window, started the car, and said to the boy who was afraid to speak: “I will help Aunt Chen pick you up on Friday.”

The boy in the passenger seat was about to cry, but could only nod, “Ok.”

He is just the child of the Lin family’s nanny. Mr. Lin will come to pick him up again on Friday?!

He…… He…… He just wants to cry!


Originally, he could have gone out with his friends. Now he could only obediently go home in his school uniform.

At night.

Xuejiao lied on the bed and her cell phone chimes.

Gu Xuejiao added some inexplicable people before, and she removed them all. Now there is only one person on the list, Lin Zhihua.

【How did you do on your monthly exam? 】

Gu Jiao replied——

【I just passed, what’s the matter? 】

The other side replied quickly——

【My brother said that he didn’t do well in the exam, and said the questions were very difficult?】

【It was ok, there are two problems in mathematics exam that were beyond the course outline and have not been taught yet.】

After she sent the message, she exclaimed that Lin Zhihua was a good brother. He also tried to find out the difficulty of the problem in a  roundabout way.

She thought of Cheng Mingze next door, who is still very unhappy with her, and was a little speechless.

【Oh. I understand. 】

Xuejiao looked at the time, and replied——

【Good night! dance.jpg】

The other still responded speedily——

【Good night. 】

A few seconds later, he also sent an expression pack – cute.jpg.

Thinking of Lin Zhihua’s cold face, and looking at this expression pack, she almost laughed out loud.

She didn’t respond, placed down the phone, turned off the light, and went to sleep.

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It seems to be a habit. Many people will have a rest right after the exam, and the teacher will not assign too much homework.

So after the monthly exam, the following days will be easy. It was also National Day, so Cheng Mingze also went out to play with several childhood friends for a few days.

When he came back, he saw a girl in cute pajamas sitting straight in front of her desk in the half-opened room next door. While she was seriously working on her exercises, she seemed a little absent-minded.

He leaned against the door frame and watched the girl quietly.

Maybe he looked for too long, Xue Jiao had turned around.

“What’s the matter?” Her voice was surprised.

Cheng Mingze looked at her meaningfully and said, “It’s hard for you to win over Mingjiao.”

“So what?” Xue Jiao’s voice turned cold.

In fact, she doesn’t want to have too much contact with the original male lead. No one likes people who look at themselves with disdainful eyes all day long. The reason why she is still friendly towards him is that she doesn’t want Li Sitong to feel awkward.


Perhaps sensing her cold attitude, Cheng Mingze straightened up and was slightly uncomfortable: “You should continue to work hard. You can ask me if you don’t understand anything. Even if you lose to Mingjiao at the end of the term, as long as you are still in the top 100, you will stay in class one.”

Xue Jiao calmly said, “Thank you, however, there’s no need.”

Cheng Mingze frowned. “Learning should be one’s own business, not one’s will.”

Cheng Mingze finished his thoughts and didn’t give Xue Jiao the time to respond. His face expressed displeasure as he turned and left.

Xue Jiao breathed out a sigh and felt a little furious.

She was an orphan in her last life and depended on herself for everything. In this life, she was finally able to rely on someone in her most important period, so that she didn’t have to worry about tuition, materials, and living expenses.

She should be grateful, but when she feels the mess and bad impression Gu Xuejiao left, she will still feel vexed.

She glanced at the time, ten o’clock, it’s time for her to go to bed.

Xue Jiao couldn’t fall asleep and tossed and turned on the bed. She opened her eyes, took out her phone, and sent out a moment*.

*moment is the Chinese version of a FB post.

——How long does it take to erase a person’s bad impression? When will there be fewer worries?

After she sends it out, it’s like throwing out some garbage. Her mood turned for the better.

She just placed down her phone and received a comment from her only friend.


The author has something to say:

Yi Tianyu: OMG! Breaking news! Gu Xuejiao says she can pass the exam!! God! It’s a pass! Such a difficult passing rate!

Xue Jiao: …………………………….. 

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