SOOEW Chapter 25 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XXV

The program team of 《Let’s Fall in Love for a Week》used the time while the iron was hot to hit it and arranged a trip to Sanya, Hainan*. This time’s theme is still the confrontation of the three CPs. The program team rented a villa near the ocean with the view for them to live in. Against the backdrop of the golden sand and the azure sea, whether it is a romantic affair between lovers or the excitement brought by an opponent, it could all happen. It was a segment that the fans had long awaited for.

*has a super nice six? star hotel and is definitely a well-known couple spot

In the three groups of CP, in addition to the two CPs that were popular over the internet, there is also the singer group CP. The popular singer Zhao Mingxu who was known for being gentle formed a CP pairing with the newly popular Mini group vocal lead Tong Hui. However, compared to the other two CPs, they were less popular.

At this time, when they arrived in Sanya, everyone felt that the atmosphere between Wen Ying and Fang Xing was off.

The task during lunch was to let them cook together. Wen Ying has good craftsmanship, so she was the chef. The other people either helped make one or two dishes, or they worked under her.

While watching Tong Hui wash the vegetables in a flurry, Zhao Mingxu sighed at the kitchen doorway, “f you don’t compare, you won’t know…… “ 

Tong Hui raised the spatula towards him.

Lu Ze was re-chopping the vegetables Zhou Pei didn’t cut right. Zhou Pei was whispering to him on the side, ingratiating herself by helping him roll his sleeves. The atmosphere was very loving…… 


When the noise spread, everyone in the kitchen was shocked, and turned their sight over.

It turned out that Fang Xing dropped the stainless steel pot by mistake. He said “Sorry”. Everyone said that it was all right, and went back to doing their own thing.

Lu Ze involuntarily turned his eyes over.

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Fang Xing was nearby to help Wen Ying while she cooked. It’s a pity that the young master hasn’t been in the kitchen before, and the more he tried helped, the busier it became. Wen Ying cleaned up the mess for him without saying a word. She did not blame him, but also did not tell him how to do it, and the atmosphere was very depressing.

On several occasions, Lu Ze seemed to be able to see that he wanted to lose his temper, but he somehow exercised restraint.

He didn’t understand why but somehow, seeing their interactions reminded him of his college days. He lived together with Wen Ying when he was a junior. Every time she cooked, he would always be on the side helping her. At the start, it was also like this, the more he helped, the busier it became. This angered her to the point that she would directly attack him. He would pick her up around the waist, not letting go no matter what. She would pound, and he would laugh, resulting in her anger easing. 

Because he was too absorbed in his thoughts, he accidentally cut his finger and drew out blood.

Hearing Zhou Pei’s exclamation, he shook his head,”Don’t worry, I just need to head upstairs and apply a bandaid.”

She paused and then said:”Then I will head up with you.” Dressing up the wound is obviously also a highlight for the show, and she will not let go of the opportunity in vain.

The kitchen became more spacious and quiet after two people left.

Fang Xing endured to his limit, opened his neckline, and dropped the sentence:”I’m heading out for a walk.” He threw the things down and left.

The other couple looked at each other. Only Wen Ying continued to stir-fry dishes in the pot and told Tong Hui to “hand over a plate”, as if she had not heard anything.

Finally, the dishes were finished cooking. When the three people brought out the dishes together, Fang Xing opened the door and came in from outside.

“I caught a bug from the outside, quickly come and take a look to see, what kind of bug is it?” He did not wait for people to refuse, and immediately delivered the bug in front of their eyes!

An unknown bug brandished a pair of antennas.

Tong Hui’s scream echoed throughout the villa, almost breaking the roof.

Fang Xing laughed and almost broke his belly, “Wei, can your courage be any smaller—— ” The words were directed at Tong Hui, but his eyes consciously looked towards Wen Ying

He seemed like a naughty brat who pulled the pigtails of the girl he liked.

He discovered Wen Ying standing still, and thought that she was still ignoring him, and approached her with anger.

At this moment, Wen Ying practically felt a sense of horror, and her instinctive reaction made her face pale. Fang Xing suddenly felt a little uneasy and took another two steps forward.

“What are you doing? !”

Lu Ze shouted at him in shock and anger. He happened to come down the stairs at this time. Seeing this scene, he left Zhou Pei behind him, and approached Wen Ying with a few strides.

He blocked Fang Xing and covered Wen Ying’s eyes with one hand from behind.”Don’t look anymore.”

“A Ze… ” Wen Ying’s voice called out to him with a slight tremor.

While she was recording the show, she never called him like this, so much so that everyone thought that they had heard wrong. However, in the next second, the film emperor’s reaction seemed to tell them that they had heard correctly.

“Don’t be afraid, I will let him immediately throw the thing out.” Lu Ze noticed that once she heard “thing”, she had an uncontrollable tremor following the word. His gaze at Fang Xing was so cold that he could freeze the person.

If Fang Xing still doesn’t understand now, then he would be considered very stupid. There is a window behind him, and he immediately threw the bug far out.

Wen Ying had already turned around, so Lu Ze’s hand covering her eyes was also put down. However, his cuff was tightly gripped by her. The two were very close, they could hear each other breathe, and with one step, she could enter into his arms.

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