SOOEW Chapter 26 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XXVI

Lu Ze wanted to hug her, but he knew that they had already gone too far.

There are cameras everywhere in the villa. The previous movements can be explained as “sentiments of former partners”. However, if he held her, then everything would change in flavour.

The other hand was clenched tightly by his leg, he felt a little irritable, and directed his anger at Fang Xing: “Don’t you know that she is afraid of bugs? !”

“I didn’t know!” Fang Xing watched Wen Ying’s subconscious reaction, and his eyes also cooled down, “However, I want to ask, how did Film Emperor Lu know.”

“You don’t know, yet you still dare to. You truly are still a kid, causing mischief without paying attention towards the occasion.” Lu Ze laughed grimly.

Fang Xing blew up, and seemed like he wanted to use his fist to directly punch people. Zhao Mingxu stopped the person when he saw the atmosphere seemed wrong, and gave Fang Xing a meaningful glance: “Say less, I think Wen Ying was really scared. You help her upstairs first.”

Lu Ze said harshly:”No need, I’ll help her. Let him wash his hands first, does he think that she is not uncomfortable enough?”

Fang Xing anxiously took a step forward, and saw Wen Ying’s obvious reaction of hiding from him. He bit his lower teeth, turned his head, and went to the bathroom.

Wen Yinghui sighed in her heart. Of course she didn’t hate Fang Xing, and only wanted the other party to act at a discretion. If he wants to be overbearing, then he will be overbearing. If he wants to force it, then he will force it. I’m afraid that he will be the future Zou Weidong.

Last time’s confrontation allowed her to realize that she was too close to the other party recently.

Before the task is completed, no matter which side she is too close to, it will all affect the progress of others.


There was a camera in every room in the villa, and only the bathroom was not wired.

Lu Ze helped Wen Ying enter the room. He only saw that she lowered her head to observe herself over and over again. He couldn’t help but ask: “What happened?”

She frowned abhorrently: “I feel like there are bugs crawling all over my body*…… ” She continued on to start scratching her arms and neck, creating red marks.

*this is such a trigger haha, I hate bugs too

He immediately grabbed her hand,”Don’t scratch!”

She was unmoved. He suddenly remembered her temper, and unconsciously coaxed her: “I’ll turn the water on, ok? Just take a shower and it’ll be okay.”

The reason that she was afraid of bugs was due to him.

When he was in college, Wen Ying participated in a culinary training class because he wanted to learn culinary skills. The environment of the class was very bad probably due to the low cost. The ground slate hole in the class was covered with small centipedes. Before that, she was already very afraid of bugs, but she still resiliently attended the class. However, once she returned to the university, she developed a fever.

Of course, they never returned to attend the class with the poor environment again, but for a month, she will be awakened by the nightmare where her entire body was covered with insects. After that, whenever she saw a bug, her reaction would be a hundred times more intense than others.

*YIKES BUT SAME, bugs are a no-no for me, haha

So far, only he knows this matter.

She curled her lips, “Ok.”

Lu Ze was used to her appearance of being forced to compromise with him. His eyes softened.

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It seems like they have returned to their university days when they were living together. During the times that she would have a nightmare, or have an illusion that there were bugs, he would bring her into his bosom, as if providing her with a protective cover. She would then slowly calm down.


After Lu Ze turned on the water, he prepared to bring a change of clothes for Wen Ying. Fang Xing opened the door and walked in.

“Where is she?”

“In the bath.”


“Oh.” Fang Xing sneered, “Are you still not leaving?”

Lu Ze  remained calm and composed while responding:”I’m getting ready to leave now. I didn’t expect you to enter. Let’s go.”

“Why am I leaving? I am her boyfriend. My girlfriend was frightened. It’s normal for me to accompany her in her room.”

“Reality show boyfriend.” Lu Ze smirked.

Fang Xing heard the mockery in his tone, but did not immediately become angry. He walked to the other’s side, lowered his tone, and provoked: “Right ah, is it a fake boyfriend? Anyways——should be better than an abandoned boyfriend.”

He didn’t just wash his hands in the long period of time before.  

Lu Ze quickly looked at him.

There was a dark tide between the two, and the rain was coming.


The author has something to say:

Fang Xing (leg shaking): One slap for another kiss, worth it!

Lu Ze raised his hand and gave him a slap (indifference): Say it, where did you kiss?

Fang Xing…… (Want to vomit)

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