WFILTU Chapter 33- Grades II

Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze looked over together. It’s Gu Shiyun. A trace of surprise flashed through their eyes. 

“It’s you.” Cheng Mingze’s voice carried a sense of familiarity.

Xue Jiao thought, sure enough, even if Li Sitong did not have an accident, the male and female lead will still come together.

Gu Shiyun smiles. Her smile looks very gentle. Her sight moves to Xue Jiao: “Jie Jie.”

*Jie Jie- Sister, female form of GeGe, let us know down in the comments if you prefer jiejie or sister

“Don’t call me Jie Jie.” Xue Jiao didn’t give her any face.

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Gu Shiyun’s eyes, yet she still pulled out a strained smile: “The matters of the previous generation…… I don’t believe it should affect us. I have always regarded you as my Jie Jie.”

Cheng Mingze subconsciously helps her speak: “Gu Xuejiao, you shouldn’t ——”

“Cheng Mingze.” Xue Jiao called out the name seriously, and her eyes swept over the two people earnestly. “The matters of the previous generation really have nothing to do with her, but her mother did hurt my mother after so many years of being a mistress. I don’t hate her, but if I become good sisters with her, then what about my mother? Don’t you think she will be hurt by it? “

When Xue Jiao said the word “mistress”, Gu Shiyun’s face was ugly to the naked eye, while Cheng Mingze was slightly shocked and he began to ponder.  

Xue Jiao looked at him and continued to say, “Also, before, you asked me what am I doing this for, but I want to ask you, what are you thinking about?”


“When I’m not proper, you think I’m an eyesore and hate me to the point that you would rather I disappear. When I start to introspect and correct my views, you think I have a so-called plan in mind, so, you tell me, what should I be doing instead?”

When she finished speaking, she turned around and left. Cheng Mingze stood there, momentarily blank, staring at her silhouette.

Gu Shiyun inhales deeply and pulls on Cheng Mingze’s sleeve.

At this time, she can’t let him think deeply about it!

“Mingze Ge, are you busy with your studies recently?” Gu Shiyun blinks her eyes.

Cheng Mingze returned to his senses and pulled out a smile: “En, it’s not too bad. It’s almost time for class. You should hurry to class.”

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After he finished his words, he left first, his pace a little fast, as if he was chasing something.

Gu Shiyun’s expression twisted even more.

Gu Xuejiao has changed!

She has even lost against the current Gu Xuejiao twice? The current Gu Xuejiao in front of her, has caused her to lose in their exchange twice?


Last time, she let Gu Jingxu and Wu Wanjun join the action, not only did they not let Gu Xuejiao restore her former appearance, but she almost lost her house on top of it!

Furthermore, this time, she lost face in front of Cheng Mingze!

Gu Shiyun exhaled deeply, thinking that today is the day the exam results came out, the expression on her face finally eased.

No matter how much Gu Xuejiao advances, in terms of exam results, the difference between the two is like the clouds in the sky and the mud on the ground!


The second Xue Jiao entered the classroom, she felt that the atmosphere today was a little delicate.

She just sat down, when Xi Junyang ran in front of her and sat down, splayed across her desk. He whispered, “Hey, do you know? This time, our class’s score lost to the class next door. The first place was taken away by Chu Sheng next door. The second place is Gu Shiyun from next door. Our class’s Shang Zhiyuan is only in third place. “

“So?” Xue Jiao was ignorant.

Suddenly, there was someone who pulled out the stool next to her with excessive strength and sat down. He curled his lips: “Hence, we, who are dragging the class’s hinds legs, will receive the anger of the old nun!”

*师太(old nun): meant as an insult for someone who’s very strict, and only operates according to rule. Think of those super Asian teachers who whack the hands of poor innocent children ^^

Xue Jiao: “? ? ?” She stared dazedly at Yi Tianyu and Xi Junyang.

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  1. Welp, she’s right. She might doesnt hate her, but she has a mother that had been betrayed by her own father with a mistress. You expect her to be chummy with the producte of that infidelity?

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