SOOEW Chapter 27 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XXVII

The next day, Wen Ying woke up and her spirit recovered. 

She vaguely knew that the two of them had gone tit-for-tat in her room yesterday, but when she went out, they were all gone.

If it can be said that her original response was due to this body’s instinct, then her next movements were to follow the tide and obtain more contact with Lu Ze.

She closed her eyes and gave an order, and the light source picture suddenly appeared in the air. The hot and shining light spot belonging to Lu Ze had approached her picture.

If we draw a line between the cherry blossom and the rose, then before yesterday, he was closer to the rose.

It can be seen that having a past with the other party is not a bad thing. Although their ending is a bit bad, as long as the sweet memories are awakened, it is still beneficial to her.

Today’s recording took place on the beach. After Wen Ying washed and rinsed, she then changed into a red two-piece swimsuit and held a cover jacket to leave.

She met Tong Hui as soon as the door opened.

She is only two years younger than Wen Ying, but she appears to be ten years younger, which is the setting of a lively girl. She was wearing a simple pink cherry swimsuit and looked like she was two years younger.

“Wow.” She crossed her arms and looked at Wen Ying enviously. “Good-looking! I also want to wear a bikini, but I always feel it’s too mature and unsuitable.”


Her words carried deeper meaning, and Wen Ying accepted the attack. She touched Tong Hui’s head and was very gentle: “Once you grow up a little more, then you could. Work hard.”  

She is tall, taller than the other party by half a head, so this motion can’t be easier. She completely regarded the other as a child.

Tong Hui quietly revealed a toothache-filled expression.


At this time, Zhou Pei also opened the door and walked out. She also wore a bikini, pure black, and didn’t have a coverup. She showed a beautiful figure, very sexy.

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Tong Hui felt her teeth hurt even more.

Zhou Pei looked at Wen Ying and expressed concern: “Are you alright? Your reaction yesterday really scared us to death.”

“Thanks, it’s already alright.”

Tong Hui immediately asked, “Did you know Film Emperor Lu before?”

Wen Ying touched on it lightly: “En, we are all students of X school.”

“If you are fine, then that’s good.” Zhou Pei smiled and asked, “Oh, did you see A Ze? He toasted bread for everyone to eat in the morning. I went in and put on makeup and didn’t see him again.” She had a familiar manner, and made it seem like there was no effect due to yesterday’s events.


She and Wen Ying looked at each other, each other’s smile was flawless.

She raised her eyebrows, took out her sunglasses to wear and calmly lifted her chin, “I don’t know, I just opened the door. He probably already left for the beach.” The sun shone on her crystal white face through the window. Although her sunglasses covered her eyes, it only enhanced her charming red lips.

Zhou Pei maintained her composure “Then let’s go too.” She also put on her sunglasses.


Tong Hui looked at their pair of glasses, one was a Dior So Real and the other was a pair of Prada gradient. Then she looked at the pair of cute glasses in her own hand which had a cover. She inexplicably feels that she was being bullied, is it an illusion?

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