SOOEW Chapter 28 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XXVIII

The three arrived at the beach with their cameramen. As expected, their partners had already arrived. The three men were water skiing. Except for Zhao Mingxu who was a novice, and was still trying to practice standing up, the other two’s competition were much more intense.

The speedboat pulled in the front. Lu Ze and Fang Xing were grabbing the handle and riding the waves. A sea breeze was blowing, and their clothes were whistling. Their boards rise and fall in the waves, as if people will be shot into the sea in the next second, but they appear again in the next wave.

Somehow, the aura between the two was very tense, and after a stalemate, the fight suddenly intensified without prior consultation. Stepping on waves, jumping, and turning; the arduous movements are performed one after another, pumping the blood of the crowd on the shore full of adrenaline!

The scene recorded in the lens was of two people both exhibiting a strong force. Their movements were full of tension and their male hormones overflowed the screen. It was a brilliant performance.

Tong Hui looked on intently, unconsciously raising her hands from time to time to cheer and scream. Zhou Pei also held her hands near her mouth, cheering for Lu Ze!

Even Zhao Mingxu had stopped his self-abuse, and after seeing the splendid movements, he couldn’t help but whistle.

Only Wen Ying chose a beach chair set up by the show crew and lied down. She flexes her long and bright white legs, basks in the sun and drinks juice, content.


The result of the competition is that Lu Ze won. Fang Xing wanted to make a final leap through a big wave, couldn’t control his balance, and fell down. However, he still won everyone’s applause!

After he returned to the shore, he hadn’t even taken a breath yet, and he appeared under the umbrella of Wen Ying. With his back to the sun, his young and handsome face was hidden in the shadows and seemed elusive.

Wen Ying was drinking her juice like usual, without even raising her eyebrows.

“I lost.” He said stiffly, obviously still angry.

She put the juice down as if to leave the lounge chair.

He immediately pressed a step closer and repeated: “I lost!” It only sounded like he was aggrieved.

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She glanced at him calmly and suddenly said: “Come here.”

This is the first sentence she has said to him today.

“En?” He responded immediately.

She glanced at the height that blocked the sun and said, “Squat down.”

Fang Xing didn’t know. On the one hand, he wanted to reconcile, but on the other hand, he didn’t want to do what she said, and felt stumped. It was obviously him who was slapped, and the one who was “cuckolded” was him, but—— 

He squatted down and looked like a big dog who was wronged and sent into the doghouse. The sunlight entered, as if gold had scattered on his hair, shining brightly.

Wen Ying raised her hand and touched his head, “Good boy, you can win next time.”


This scene was called “the Loyal Dog and the Queen” by fans after it was broadcast. This CP’s attributes suddenly penetrated through the defenses in their heart, and it was unstoppable!

Fang Xing didn’t dare to move. Although the feeling of being pet like an animal was uncomfortable, the two had a cold war for a few days already. Together with Lu Ze’s performance yesterday, he had a sense of crisis, and he was unable to bear it. He asked tentatively: “You’re not angry anymore?”

“If you do this next time, then we can sever our relationship.”

He blinked and used the pole to climb up. “But we are in love.”

With a glare from her eyes, “… then we can break up.”

He chewed on the word “breakup” and felt inexplicable in his heart. He dragged her up, “Go go go, you didn’t even look at your boyfriend’s handsome appearance before. I will perform once again for you to see!”

Wen Ying stepped on the beach with her bare feet, and a small wave rushed, and the sand under her feet passed by quickly, as if traveling backwards. She watched Fang Xing running vigorously to ski and surf, but waved away halfway by the jet levitation coach, and could not help smiling.

Lu Ze clearly won the game, but he didn’t carry any sense of happiness.

He rejected Zhou Pei’s request for him to teach her skiing skills, and looked at their interaction that was not far away, his eyes gloomy.

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  1. Ngl I want her w the dog guy, like her ex is cool and all but I’m tired of the cold archetype. Hopefully he’s happy and all but I want a golden retriever typa character for this arc

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