WFILTU Chapter 35 – Fight I

“You…… calculated it so accurately?” He was slightly stupefied.

It’s rare for Xue Jiao to smile at him: “You take a guess?”


He doesn’t know why, Yi Tianyu always thinks that Xue Jiao’s results were too much of a coincidence, which produced doubts in him.

He is her deskmate. Naturally, he has a more complete understanding of the person in front of him.

Xue Jiao is very hardworking. She is more diligent than anyone he’s ever seen. He has never seen her inaccurately answer a single question in those exercise texts.

Is it possible that…… 

This person has testing syndrome?!

“Wei——” Yi Tianyu poked at the Xue Jiao’s arm.

She raised her hand, and turned around angrily, “What is it again?”

“Not…… ” 


Yi Tianyu looks sympathetic.

In the world, what’s even more pitiful than an underachiever in school is——obviously a person is very good at learning, yet once she takes an exam, she starts panicking.

Although Yi Tianyu didn’t voice out anything, his entire expression spoke for him—— Why are you this pitiful? So pitiful!

Xue Jiao silently meditates: “Don’t argue with idiots” “Don’t argue with idiots”

She finally maintained her state of mind and then examined her paper to observe where she needed to improve on. 

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“Cousin! How did you do on this exam?” Cheng Mingjiao deliberately asked. She walked over while smiling broadly. 

She didn’t do too badly on the exam this time. She moved forward two places to rank 18.

Xue Jiao looked up and glanced at her, then lowered her head and continued to read.

“My cousin’s got 90 on her English exam!” Cheng Mingjiao approached and shouted, “Cousin has made a lot of progress!”

Xue Jiao is currently reading the English test paper. Although it is not difficult, there are always some words that she doesn’t know or is unfamiliar with. She needs to write down all the words one by one to check the gaps and make up the omissions.

“Pu—— 90 points. The average score of our class is one hundred and two. What a hinderer.” Yu Fangfang, who was originally in the same class as Gu Xuejiao, snorted.

“Did we have a feud before?” Xue Jiao raised her head and looked at Yu Fangfang suspiciously.


She really doesn’t understand. It’s fair to say that Cheng Mingjiao hates her, but what about this Yu Fangfang? Gu Xuejiao didn’t seem to attend school very much before?

“En?” Yu Fangfang was stunned.

Xue Jiao blinks her eyes: “If it’s not for revenge, why do you always act like a rabid dog that’s chasing me without letting go?”

“You are the rabid dog!” Yu Fangfang is furious.

“However, I don’t go around with a sarcastic mood all day, sharply eyeing someone all day.” She continued to blink, her delicate face stunning.

“Besides, classmate Yu Fangfang, if I remember correctly, when you entered our class, English was 131 points, yet this time English was 121 points, down 10 points, and I……  increased by 57 points. Since I can raise so many points, it can be seen that it’s not hard at all. So…… classmate Yu Fangfang, do you truly have the leisure to care about me?”

Xue Jiao hooked her lips: “Classmate Yu Fangfang, I suggest you go save your jeopardized grades. 

“You ——”

“Wei, good dogs don’t block the path.” Yi Tianyu holds his basketball, his head covered in sweat and raises his chin slightly.

He is standing behind Yu Fangfang. This “dog” obviously refers to Yu Fangfang, echoing Xue Jiao.

“Wu* ——” Yu Fangfang wipes her tears and cries. She pushes Yi Tianyu away and rushes out.

*crying sound

Yi Tianyu wiped his sweat and said ignorantly, “What did I do that she cried like this?”

“Pu!” Xue Jiao laughs out loud.

When she smiled, her eyebrows curved, and her originally delicate face appeared more dazzling and elegant.

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