SOOEW Chapter 29 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XXIX

After nightfall, recording was stopped, and all cameras were turned off to give the stars a little personal time.

There are many mosquitoes on the seashore. Wen Ying has prepared things such as mosquito repellent water and antipruritic(anti-itch) cream at the request of Sister Hua, and has also brought a lot. In order to avoid gossip, she gave everyone one, and then took the last one to Lu Ze’s room.

She just arrived at the corner and suddenly saw Zhou Pei coming out of Lu Ze’s room. She saw Wen Ying, showed a surprised expression, and then a smile filled with unclear meaning.

When Wen Ying passed her by, she suddenly whispered: “I didn’t know before, what kind of relationship did you have with President Wei?”

“What kind of relationship?” Wen Ying stopped and raised her eyebrows lightly

“Would you like me to elaborate?” Zhou Pei was surprised and shook her head again. “A Ze is really pitiful. His girlfriend left him when he had nothing. If it was changed to me, then I definitely would not do it.”

Wen Ying glanced at Lu Ze’s room and smiled: “Your meaning, this is what Lu Ze told you?”

“What do you think?”

Zhou Pei dropped an ambiguous answer.

“Teacher Zhou.” Wen Ying approached her and smiled when the other person subconsciously retreated. “To give you a piece of advice, if you have time to dig someone else’s corner, it is better to see if there is a fire in your backyard.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s weird. It’s been so long since the last recording. Why haven’t the footsteps of Teacher Zhou on the Internet faded away? Is Teacher Zhou’s public relations team very lazy?”


Zhou Pei’s face was slightly stiff, and a thought rose in her mind, but it was a bit too incredible.

Impossible, Zou Weidong has been tired of this woman for a long time, otherwise she will have no chance to take advantage of it!

Wen Ying was too lazy to take care of the case in Zhou Pei’s head, and took the lead in leaving.

She wouldn’t be so stupid, and think that Lu Ze would tell another woman of his shameful past. Zhou Pei said it like so, but it was just to provoke dissension. But, as she thought at the beginning, although no one mentioned this past, and everything was calm, but when someone mentions a sentence from the side, then the prospect was not so good.

The other party must have dug a hole for her during this time in Lu Ze’s room, waiting for her to jump.

The door was ajar. Wen Ying knocked on the door twice, but did not hear a response, and opened the door herself.

Lu Ze was sitting on the sofa and pressing the remote control, quickly switching radio stations. The pictures on the TV screen reflected on his face, and he looked expressionless. The whole room fell into low spirits.

Wen Ying coughed lightly, “There are a lot of mosquitoes here. I brought you mosquito repellent. Should I put it on the cabinet?”

Lu Ze only discovered that she was here now. He turned off the TV, “Why are you here?”


Wen Ying hadn’t answered yet. He had stood up from the sofa and came to her. Seeing that his expression was not right, she took a step back subconsciously. Behind her was the door. He stretched out his arms and the door was slammed shut. She was caught between him and the door to the room.

“A Ze?”

“You came here to find me so late?” He lowered his head and looked at her, no longer expressing his gentle side. His dark eyes looked a little horrifying, “You don’t think that just because I helped you get rid of a bug, that I have developed feelings right? And that you can return to me? “

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She shouldn’t overdo it.

“En? My Ying Ying has never been such a naive person.” He touched her neck with her finger, and then lifted her chin. “If you want to get anything, you must pay first. Didn’t you teach me this?” According to my current value, how does it compare with Zou Weidong? Are you ready to sleep with me a few times?”

Wen Ying met his sight, and easily felt the anger from his frivolous tone.

It seems that the pit dug by Zhou Pei is here. She had dealings with Zou Weidong, and it was an easy matter to accidentally mention each other.

She didn’t know that this was only partly the reason he was inflamed. The reason that stimulated him the most was the intimate act of her and Fang Xing during the day, after she provoked the memories of their past.


Seeing her not speaking, Lu Ze lowered his eyes: “Get the f*** out of here if you don’t agree! Don’t irritate my eyes here.”

“How many times do you think will be better?” Wen Ying suddenly wrapped his neck and moved closer, intimate and sweet. “Will it be ok if it’s the same number of times that I accompanied Zou Weidong?”

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Gently, her red lips were printed on the angular jaw on his side.

Lu Ze pushed her away!

The movement was so intense that she was smashed into the wall on the left and her head hit hard.

He breathed heavily, like he was having a nightmare, and staring at her intensely.

However, she didn’t look back for a long time, like she was hit badly.

Lu Ze clenched his fists at once, and originally didn’t want to care about her, but before he found out, his body had lifted her unconsciously, and even controlled the force to be very gentle.

This subconscious move undoubtedly made it more difficult for him to calm down. He asked: “What the hell do you want?”

Wen Ying didn’t speak. She pressed her forehead to his shoulder and spit out two words before he avoided it.

“My head is dizzy.”

He was nailed in place at once.

Wen Ying laughed softly, her laughter intimate: “What do I want, isn’t it what Film Emperor Lu wanted to do to me? A Ze—— I thought you had been in the society for so many years, you should already become mature, yet I didn’t expect you to still be so naive. “

A strange feeling hit Lu Ze’s heart, “What do you mean?”


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Lu Ze: You actually said that I was naive? Then what about the dog over there?

Fang Xing : ? ? ? ? 

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