WFILTU Chapter 36 – Fight II

Yi Tianyu was stupefied for a while. He quickly stepped over and sat in his own seat.

He thought to himself: it’s truly hot today. Just playing basketball is already so tiring. When he came back to the classroom, his heart was beating like thunder.

Cheng Mingjiao’s face is already ugly to the point that it was unpresentable. Class one is an experimental class. Although there are many boys with good grades, there is only one as handsome as Yi Tianyu .

Plus the other side loves to play basketball, and was tall and handsome. He was known as the class grass* among the girls. 

*class grass- slang for hottest guy in the grade


However, such an outstanding guy was always speaking in favor of Gu Xuejiao, which makes Cheng Mingjiao jealous and hateful.

She clenched her teeth: “Cousin, you’re too much! Isn’t it too heartless of you to hurt others like this? “

Xue Jiao held out a finger and pointed to Yi Tianyu: “Cousin, I don’t think your eyes and ears are doing very well. Isn’t it him who hurt her?”

“Puhahaha—— ” There was the sound of snickering.

“Gu Xuejiao!” Cheng Mingjiao gnashed her teeth in anger. “Cousin, no matter what, she still did better than you on the exam, and didn’t drag the class down!”

Xue Jiao raised her brow. 

“Cousin, I hope you do well on the semester exam, for you said you would surpass me.” Cheng Mingjiao’s smile is satirical, and her eyes look at Yi Tianyu. “Classmate Yi, I hope you apologize to Yu Fangfang. You can’t scold others just because Gu Xuejiao scolds people!”

She raised her chin slightly and directed her best angle at Yi Tianyu. Her face was firm and upright, “So, Classmate Yi, please apologize!”

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Cheng Mingjiao’s resolute and unafraid appearance was similar to those intellectually strong Cinderella-like characters on TV. Reproduced·Mingjiao·Dish


Yi Tianyu looks at Xue Jiao: “Did your cousin become crazy?”

Xue Jiao: “Pretty much, I think.”

“Will rabies spread?”

As soon as Yi Tianyu’s words fell to the ground, they leaned back together, apparently to keep a distance from Cheng Mingjiao.

“You You You ——” Cheng Ming was so angry she couldn’t even keep her mask on anymore, “Yi Tianyu! Have you been bewitched by Gu Xuejiao?! She and her mother have the same moral character, fox spirit! “

“Bang!” Xue Jiao shoots up.


She reached out and grabbed Cheng Mingjiao’s collar. Her expression sharpened: “Apologize!”

“What do you want to do?!”

Xue Jiao glanced around the classroom, then looked at Cheng Mingjiao coldly: “First of all, my mother was single and divorced. Uncle Cheng lost his wife ten years ago. It was Uncle Cheng who first pursued my mother. Before that, they didn’t know each other. So would you please tell me, what is a fox spirit? “

“You let me go!” Cheng Mingjiao struggles.

Xue Jiao continued: “Cheng Mingjiao, a woman who is doted on by her husband is not a fox spirit! What’s more, just because a woman is divorced doesn’t imply that she can’t pursue her own happiness. You acting like this will make me feel that you have some IQ problems. Or, maybe, you are still living in the Qing Dynasty? “

As soon as Xuejiao’s words fell to the ground, the female students in the class showed their approval. Why can’t they marry again after divorce?

According to Cheng Mingjiao’s words, remarrying after divorce is a fox spirit?

Thinking like this, people began to look at Cheng Mingjiao differently.

“Gu Xuejiao!” Feeling everyone’s sight, Cheng Mingjiao becomes angry and reaches out to scratch her.

Xue Jiao kicks Cheng Minjiao’s knee and looks at her coldly.

Although she doesn’t have the feelings between a mother and daughter with Li Sitong, she can feel the guilt left behind in her body, which may have been left by Gu Xuejiao…… 

Since she has occupied the body of Gu Xuejiao, she naturally has to do her duty.

Cheng Mingjiao knelt with one kick from Xue Jiao, causing the other people to look on muddled.

Cheng Mingjiao became even crazier. She stood up and rushed towards her.

Xue Jiao used force in her hands.

At this time, someone in front shouted——

“The teacher is coming!”

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  1. Thank you for translating! It’s an interesting novel. And you are doing a very good job!

  2. I cracked at “Will rabies spread?” and they leaned back together as if to avoid the source of the rabies 🤣🤣🤣

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