WFILTU Chapter 34 – Grades III

At this time, a person stormed in through the front door and screeched, “What are you doing?! Everyone sit in your own seats! “

It’s Yin Fang, a woman with displeasure displayed across her face.

Yi Tianyu tilts his head slightly . “Bookworm, are you scared?”

“Are you scared?”

“What can Ge be afraid of? What can she do to me?” Yi Tianyu doesn’t care.

“Yi Tianyu!” Yin Fang suddenly snapped.

“Here!” Yi Tianyu raises his eyebrows.

“Stand in the back of the classroom to attend class.”

“Why?” Yi Tianyu stopped working.

“Because you only passed two classes! Such simple questions! However, you are ranked last! Stand up and go to the back of the class! ” Yin Fang’s screeched. 

Yi Tianyu: “……”


Xue Jiao’s shoulders slightly moved, Yi Tianyu noticed, and touched the tip of his nose awkwardly.

He just said that Yin Fang couldn’t do anything to him. Yet, he immediately had his face slapped.

“In addition, you guys! Take a look at your atrocious grades. This time, the questions are so simple. They were all just mentioned in class. There are only four in our class that tested over 700 points. The class next door has nine! Nine! Double ours! ” Yin Fang whacked the table hard enough to hear BAM BAM.

“I don’t want you to recite words in this morning’s self study anymore. I just want to know, what have you guys been doing in the month since school started?! The difficulty of this question is less than half of that of the college entrance examination. Yet, we only have four that tested 700 points?! And you guys are in the experimental class! I have led so many sessions, you guys are the most disgraceful! Those who received grades below 600, if you were taking the college entrance examination, you won’t even be able to do book two! “

Her sharp line of sight swept through the crowd, and made all the students bow their heads successfully.

She then finally exhaled heavily: “The class next door has accounted for seven in the top ten, our class only three!”

She thundered: “What are you doing in order to eat!”*

*干什么吃的: Kind of like wtf are you doing, what are you doing in order to eat? As in what kind of shitty job are you doing, can you even afford to eat

“I won’t talk about other lessons, let’s just talk about English. Yi Tianyu! You failed taking such simple English?! Also, Gu Xuejiao! 90 points. You truly can. Are you purposely trying to just pass? “

Xue Jiao: “……” She is truly just trying to pass.

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“For this time’s exam, if you failed to pass the exam, then copy each five times for me, three times if your score was less than 100 points, and one time if your score was less than 120 points!” She threw the paper on the table and continued to admonish. Most of the students were named.

It was not until the end of class that the English exams were distributed. Afterwards, the exams of all the other various subjects were distributed continuously.

In the morning between classes, the total score was posted outside. Xue Jiao took a look at the scores in front of her and left silently.


These questions were truly very simple. The top ten all had scores upwards of 700 . The first place, Chu Sheng, had a total score of 729, the second place, Gu Shiyun, had 721, and the third place was their class’s Shang Zhiyuan, and he had 718.

Xue Jiao who just passed all the exams was ranked in the middle.

She also didn’t care. She walked slowly to the classroom.

A good school is really unusual. If you reached a score above 700, it meant that there were only a couple of deductions from the different subjects. This time, there are two problems in mathematics that were abnormally hard, but first place in their grade had a full score.

Xuejiao’s heart is full of fighting spirit and she quickens her pace.

She is not a genius, so she can only count on working hard.


“Damn——” Yi Tianyu held her paper and sighed. As soon as Xue Jiao sits down, he turns around in shock.

“What’s the matter?”

Yi Tianyu blinks his eyes, seemingly as if he was looking at a monster. Gu Xuejiao told Xi Junyang on Friday that she just passed all the subjects.

At that time, Yi Tianyu thought that this person was too confident. She can say any kind of words, and even said that she has only passed.

Yet now, Yi Tianyu looks at the table and deeply doubts his life.

Just passed……

This is too fucking “just pass,” ba!

Chinese 91, mathematics 90, English 90, sciences 180, adding to a total score of 451.

This is Gu Xuejiao’s score.

Yi Tianyu looks at the paper, looks at Gu Xuejiao, and then looks at the paper again. He is utterly at a loss.

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  1. Lol at Xuejiao getting called out like that. Maybe for the next exam, she should aim for 120 pts each for a total of 600. :p

  2. Loll you know, that’s every teachers words to their students. “of all the kids I have taught, your class is the worst!” lollll

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