SOOEW Chapter 47 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife VIII

Song Zheng should have listened in to Wen Ying’s words. His treatment towards Mama Zheng was to send Zheng Mama’s family back to the Wen family and let the escorting servants explain the actions that occurred, saying that the Song family did not dare to use such servants. Letting the Wen family take action, the punishment will only be heavy, and not light, and at the same time, can warn them not to use their hands to reach the Song family again.

This time, the madam of the Wen family was angered half to death! It was her granddaughter who fell into the water, she also felt distressed.

After this, Song Xi was silent for a long while, like a kitten who just stuck its paw out but was hit back by a chopstick.

Wen Ying sent people over to observe Song Xi’s movement all the time.

In fact, she was not prepared to do anything at all to this fallen deity. The other side had a pitiful previous life, only waiting for this life to gain the power of faith and be recovered to the Lord God. Eventually, she could only reincarnate in this world, just like mortals. So what can make her happy and satisfied in this life?


However, the premise is that it cannot hinder her task.

The information was delivered to Wen Ying, and she was quite satisfied after reading it. During these days, Song Xi had been trying to contact her younger brother, Song Xun. Song Xun was seven years old. He was brought up to be overbearing and arrogant because he was raised by the original owner since childhood.

It stands to reason that Song Zheng only has this one son, who should be valued very much, but he took the position of Minister of War before he reached the age of thirty, and he has put all his energy into his career. At present, his position has not been settled, he, even more so, does not have the energy to care about the small trifles regarding his children. He only thought that hiring a Confucian scholar and receiving family education was enough. That was how he learned back in the days, yet how could he know the insidious means that exist in the inner court?

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It is said that character determines success or failure. These words are not false. Song Xun, despite being intelligent in nature, develops a domineering character that dances alone at the top, so how can he end up with a good result?

In his last life, his character offended many people and was eventually framed by people and died in the hands of the royal family.

Song Xi wants to change his overlord’s temper, but she wastes a lot of energy, and he will not change for the time being, but it was still a little effective.

Wen Ying watched the sister and brother come to the main room to pay respects, the smile on her lips remained unchanged, and Song Xi’s eyes could not help but deepen.

In the previous life, Song Xi was arrogant and Song Xun was overbearing. The two did not give in to each other and the relationship was extremely bad. This life is not much better, but it should be said that she is worthy of being God’s envoy. In just a few days, the little fatty became closer to her. 

However, Song Xun was still the closest to Wen Ying. As soon as he saw her, he immediately pounced on her and called out “Mother”. He twisted like a hemp flower while acting coquettishly. “Mother, I want to eat meat! Sister, she won’t let me eat!”


His appearance combines the advantages of his parents, and he is very handsome, but he loves to eat meat. The original, in order to show her love, orders the kitchen to make several meat dishes every day, raising him to be fat and oily. No matter how good the facial features are, they were all squeezed into nonexistence by the fat.

Song Xi politely greeted: “If the mother is thinking about brother, it should be time to have a balanced diet.”

The Fu Bao in her arms flew out at once because of the little fatty, and with it’s short legs meowed under her feet, pitifully. Wen Ying saw Song Xun’s eyes shining like he was trying to catch it, and immediately waved her hand, to let the servants to hug it.

“Do you see? Your sister is in charge of me too. I dare not go against her orders.” She smiled a little bit at Song Xun’s nose.

Song Xun was in a hurry, and it seemed that the days had been wiped out, and he shouted in an overbearing way: “Only our mother should have the ability to control us, how can she have the ability to control you? Ignore her!”

Song Xi tightened her handkerchief at once, and her hatred towards her stepmother surged again.

Wen Ying didn’t answer Song Xun’s words for the time being, it didn’t matter whether the little fatty ate meat or not. Song Xi wanted her brother to change so she will let her. As long as she didn’t prevent it herself, it should be fine.

She started a new topic: “After two days, I am going to the Longxing Temple to place some incense and pray for fortune for you guys. You have either had a fever or have fallen into the water in the past few days. I am concerned and think that I should still ask the Bodhisattva to bless you. Do you want to go with me?”

Song Xi was stunned, and many thoughts came to her mind.


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