WFILTU Chapter 57 – Worldly Desires III

Lin Zhihua rolled his eyes at him, then started heading inside: “Go to the studio.” The man was stunned and then caught up. He said in amazement: “Wei Wei Wei, my Boss Lin! You are finally agreeing to treatment?!” Don’t judge this man by how young he looked. His name is Liu Xu and he is an internationally renowned psychiatrist.

Lin Zhihua entered the room, and sat down on the sofa. Liu Xu poured water on one hand and looked at him with suspicion on the other.

“Every time I asked you to receive treatment, you’ve refused. Why? All of a sudden you were able to straighten out your thoughts? Back in the days, I knew you had a psychological problem, yet, no matter what, you did not agree!”

Lin Zhihua did not say a word and took the water handed to him.

This room is the room that many “patients” came for treatment. The inside was decorated very warmly, the sunshine peered in through the windows. The outside faced an endless green meadow, allowing a person’s heart to feel relaxed, and unconsciously reveal all.

As a professionally accomplished psychiatrist, Liu Xu, just by sitting across from him has already entered his role: “Zhihua, yours is a small matter. First, you have to face it yourself. I have many times before……”

“I feel something.” Lin Zhihua interrupted him.   “Ke ke*——” Liu Xu was nearly choked to death by the water.

*cough cough


“What did you say?!” He didn’t even care, and only looked at Lin Zhihua with surprise.  He was invited back by the Lin Family the moment he returned to China. At that time, he found out about Lin Zhihua’s problem.

It truly started from a psychological problem, but to be honest, his problem is very serious, and Liu Xu has no guarantee at all. It’s just that he will say it lighter to not stress people out.

Ok, although Big boss Lin didn’t feel pressured at all, to the point that the other didn’t even care about his problem. In fact, he resisted. “How did you get well? It shouldn’t be……” Liu Xu has already forgotten his accomplishment just now, only leaving the curiosity regarding his friend. Lin Zhihua placed down his cup, and leaned on the sofa, looking outside: “I truly feel something now, but it’s only towards one person. I still hate approaching others.” “One person?!” Liu Xu was dumbstruck.

Lin Zhihua nodded.                                                                  

“I was saved by her, and from that day on, I felt there was a slight difference. So I’ve been in contact with her many times since then, both on the phone and in person.”

While saying that, he frowned: “The more I get along with her, the more I feel abnormal.” 

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“How is it abnormal?” “I want to see her every day, and when she cries, I feel very irritable, when I hear her talk about others…… there’s a little unpleasant feeling.” Lin Zhihua’s frowned tightly.

Ever since he helped Xue Jiao settle her matters at home, the two people had almost no contact. He began to feel very unhappy, and several times, at night when she finished school. Yesterday night, he even drove the car to the gate of Qi Zhong.

Lin Zhihua began to feel his abnormalities, so he came to find Liu Xu.  

“Big Boss Lin, this is you being moved by your worldly desires! HAHAHA!” Liu Xu slapped his thigh: “It’s a good thing! You should hurry and marry her!”

He was really happy. As the number one among Big Boss Lin’s few best friends, he knew the pressure this man was under.

Lin Zhihua’s resistance towards women made his second uncle see hope and want to take the company away from him. Lin Family’s elder helped Lin Family’s second fight for power because he feared that in the future, the company would fall into the hands of outsiders.

His pair of parents stared at him all day, waiting at every moment for a child, even if it was a test tube baby.


The company’s outsiders also, if it were not for his iron fist,  the power would have been seized very early on.

For a company as big as Lin shi, having an heir or not is a very big deal.

There’s always someone who thinks there’s an opportunity.

So Liu Xu is happy, but he is also quite curious about that person! No matter what the status of that person is, she is the only one that Boss Lin can marry!               

If she can give birth to a small one, it can rule Lin shi after it is taught well!

‘When are you going to marry her? I must have a good look at that time! Can the wedding be done this year?” Liu Xu sat up straight and could already think of the expressions of those in the circle who were assured that Lin Zhihua would be alone in this life when they received the wedding invitation!

“It cannot be done.”

“Why? The other’s identity?” Liu Xu’s divergent thinking was knocked back by a stick.

“En, I shouldn’t have felt anything for her…… ” Lin Zhihua was tapping his fingers on the cup. Obviously, that was the main reason why he was here today. It was also his most entangled affair.

‘Why not, ah? Liu Xu’s face was blank. Very soon, his eyes widened in shock as he thought of something. “The other is a divorced woman?!” Lin Zhihua shook his head.

“A person’s wife?!” His voice was frightened.

He kept shaking his head.

“Oh my god! Is it a man!”

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  1. LOL the doctor’s guesses are so funny. It’s her age boy. She’s still a minor pft hahahhaha
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  2. At least he has faith that the ML is not a pedophile.

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  4. He’s only around 27, right? That’s a little early to decide he’s hopeless and worry about an heir….And why would the company go to outsiders? If his uncle has children, theoretically they can be in the business and takeover in the event that he never has kids…

  5. “I was saved by her, and from that day on, I felt there was a slight difference.”

    Who knows if it’s really attraction he’s feeling at that time or just a misattribution of arousal(a.k.a. the suspension bridge effect).

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