SOOEW Chapter 48 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife IX

She remembered one thing. After she was rescued from falling into the water in her last life, her cousin wanted to marry her, but they really don’t think much of her cousin’s father, so this matter was completely suppressed by the Song family. But then there was an incident in which she became completely infamous, so that she could only marry away in a hurry, marrying to a far away place, and ignorant of the happenings in the capital.

But in the end, the husband’s mother still found out the truth.

In this life, cousin failed to destroy her. Her stepmother still thought of using this trick and to collude with bandits.

“It will all be according to mother’s arrangement.” She lowered her head respectfully.

Since stepmother dared to ruin her with this method, why don’t she do unto her what her stepmother did to her?


Wei Lingheng had dreamed of the girl in the fake mountains inexplicably ever since he first dreamt of her.

He knew that her nickname was “Peipei”, and she also knew that his informal name was “Long Feng”. People from two worlds inside and outside a wall could actually get along in harmony.

In his dreams, he acted as a vigilante, a vigilante who punished and removed evils in Jianghu. Because he had had a valiant dream to become a vigilante when he was a kid, hence he only thought that it was a thought born out of his heart’s desires, and did not think it was strange, The only strange thing is that the only “helping others with justice” was only that girl.

But every time he dreamed of her, he was refreshed and energetic after waking up. Over time, it became a habit, and not seeing her for one day would cause him to become lost.

She grew from 13 to 15 years old, and in his dreams he was only in his early twenties, faintly, as if he were the young gentlemen he used to be, and his emotions would fluctuate and swell with the woman’s words and deeds.

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In his dreams, he had excellent skills in dodging, coming and going without a trace, always helping her when she was in trouble, like her patron saint.

He often carried a jar of wine and flew to her hut where he learned that if he made two meows sounds, she would run out knowing the opportunity. Her eyes would sparkle, and she would be brought up to the roof by him to admire the moon.

That seemed to be the most relaxed time of her day. She grabbed his wine jar and took two sips, and she was already drunk. Her eyes were flushed, and she seemed to have no bones, just like a cat, but she would still be hugging the jar tightly.

He would laugh while trying to get the wine jar, but she would only hug the jar on top of his arms.

She would call him a “Chang Feng” with a soft voice again and again, and a soft and silly smile would appear on her face, and she would call him until he is drunk too.

When he woke up during the day, he found that an extremely embarrassing situation had occurred on the bed.

Wang Deyong, the eunuch serving him should have heard some news from the court ladies and asked to test the waters: “Your Majesty hasn’t been in the harem for half a month, so tonight, do you want to…… “

Wei Ling Heng peacefully used his chopsticks to eat, “Looks like the position of the Steward of the Qian Qing Palace* should also be changed.”

*乾清宫: Hall of Heavenly Purity, the palace where the emperors live

Wang Deyong was speechless.


It’s already like this, what are you awkward about, Your Majesty? This servant didn’t have that stuff. If he had, he would have already been fighting with people for 800 battles day and night!

Wei Lingheng paused: “At Si Shi, I* will be going out of the palace to listen to master Qingyuan’s comments on scriptures. You will arrange it for me**.”

*Si Shi: 9-11 a.m **朕: “I”- used by a sovereign, similar to the royal “We”

“Si Shi, Your Majesty originally planned to discuss with Lord Song Zheng…”

“Push it off.”

If Wei Lingheng was still hesitant at the beginning, he had made up his mind now.

Last night, except for that beautiful fragment, he had dreamt of the scene of her distress again, which was different from any previous time. This time, a place name appeared very clearly: Longxing Temple. The day happened to be this day. When she was in danger in the mountains going to the Buddhist temple, he was unable to save her.

Whether it is true or not, he can’t help but want to find out. 

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