WFILTU Chapter 58 – Lovesickness I

Liu Xu was dumbstruck and was pretty much like a fool in place.

Then, after a moment, he leaned back while hugging his own arms, his entire face was horrified: “You you you you you…… Do you like men? !”

Lin Zhihua coldly sneered: “Female.”

Liu Xu had an appearance of releasing his breath, then put down his hand and created a look of horror: “Since she is a woman, then what is bothering you?”

“Underage.” Lin Zhihua spit out the word.

“How how how…How old?”


“Not even seventeen yet.”

“That’s not too bad, you scared me to death.” Liu Xu picked up his water glass and sipped.

“I said, either you don’t have movement, but once you do, you can almost scare a person to death!”

Lin Zhihua frowned, did not speak, and looked at the water cup on the coffee table in a trance.

Liu Xu shook his head: “It’s not a big deal, after two years, she will become an adult.”

As if he thought of something, a ridiculing smile appeared in the corner of his mouth: “I have to say, big boss, how does it feel to have your heart moved?”

“Can’t understand what you are talking about!”Lin Zhihua glanced at him coldly and took 2 gulps of water from the cup.

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“Okay, I won’t ridicule you anymore.” Liu Xu became serious, in the end, he was still a psychologist, “Zhihua, do you really only not feel disgust towards her?”

Liu Xu knew that there was a line for joking, and appropriate exaggeration and ridicule can make “the guests” relax, but going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short.

Lin Zhihua is his friend and also his”patient”.

It’s fine that before, he used to be reluctant to be treated, but now he is willing to take the initiative to deliver himself, Liu Xu must fulfill his own obligations.

Lin Zhihua knew the professional quality of Liu Xu and knew Liu Xu would not go out and talk nonsense.

“Yes, we had physical contact when she rescued me, and I didn’t dislike it.”


“How did you contact?” Liu Xu frowns.

Lin Zhihua will be uncomfortable contacting any woman, so he will avoid all women. How could anyone touch him, and unexpectedly it’s different?

Two strangers…… 

So that woman has a special physique? or was there another reason?

“Old master Lin made small movements on my car. That day, I had a car accident, and was half dizzy in the car. She risked death to drag me out, and then the car ignited.”

“Life-saving grace?”Liu Xu was slightly surprised.

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  1. Sounds like Lin Zhihua is on the spectrum. Unless he has a past trauma.

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