WFILTU Chapter 59 – Lovesickness II

“Yes, at the time, my head was not very clear, but I was still able to vaguely see her appearance. Her voice was even clearer, and he still remembers it clearly. Later, he only realized at the hospital that he had no discomfort when he came into contact with her.”

“This can be explained, ” Liu Xu’s expression is serious, “Just as it is easy for a hero to save a beauty to capture a woman’s heart, it is the strong emotional ups and downs from despair to rescue, plus some other factors, and hormonal riots.”

He paused: “The beauty rescues the hero is the same, I guess that your body’s automatic self-rescue responded towards the strong external stimulation at that time, preventing you from refusing this rescuer.”

“And so?” Lin Zhihua frowned.

“So you have no dislike after coming into contact with this person, to the point that maybe even the body’s automatic sense of danger will make you touch this person that brings you a sense of security. At this time, the body is happy, and naturally it is impossible to have the sense of disgust towards coming in contact with women like in the past.”

Liu Xu gave Lin Zhihua a glance, “In other words, this person’s contact first brings you a sense of security, and then it is followed by your dislike of women. Under the former, the latter is useless.”

Lin Zhihua frowned, he understood the meaning of the Liu Xu, and his brain was a bit muddled.

Liu Xu continued: “So this is the reason why you do not exclude her. If there is no accident, unless you meet this desperation again in the future, otherwise you can only contact that woman…… Oh no, that’s wrong, it’s a girl.”

Lin Zhihua didn’t speak, only watched him, signaling to continue.

“What happened to you guys later? I don’t believe that under such a circumstance, you will not investigate this clearly!” Liu Xu laughed.

Zhihua nodded: “I contacted her many times later, including WeChat messages.”


“At first it was okay, and then I started to think of her frequently, even…… want to hide her.” Lin Zhihua’s who exposed a rare expression, changed slightly, carrying some awkwardness.


Liu Xu laughed insanely in his heart, but he also knew that since Lin Zhihua opened his mouth to say this to him today, if he laughed, this person wouldn’t come back again in this life.

“Recently, because of some things, I contacted her frequently. Without any contact in the past two days, I felt uncomfortable and even distracted from my work. I want to talk to her, but don’t know what to say.”

Don’t underestimate this point!

Lin Zhihua is very spirited towards his work, this distraction was impossible for the previous him!

“And…… I even dream about her at night.”

Liu Xu nodded: “What else?”

“This is the residual from the car accident last time when she saved me?”L in Zhihua frowned. He thought of Liu Xu’s explanation that he didn’t reject the other, so he asked.

“It’s not.” Liu Xu shook his head firmly, and then said, “Your disease is named by one word……”

“What is it?”


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Lin Zhihua:”…… “

Liu Xu smiled, stood up, and walked beside him, patting him on the shoulder: “You may not understand as a brother who hasn’t even been in love. If you think of a person even while eating or drinking tea, and you’re absentminded, that’s the beginning of loving someone!”

Lin Zhihua moved and subconsciously said: “Impossible.”

“How is it impossible? Love is ignorant of origin, but is always passionate!” Liu Xu shakes his head, “The love net is extensive, but it lets nothing through.”

“She is too young.”

“Then imagine when she reaches the age of an adult, and she falls into the arms of a young man of the same age…… “

As soon as Liu Xu’s words hit the ground, Lin Zhihua’s eyebrows knitted tight enough that it could catch flies, and his face was extremely ugly.

“Look, you are not happy.”

Liu Xu walked behind him, “Big boss, this is the only person you can contact, and the only girl who can make you jealous, either she is charming, or…… the Heavens has provided you with the perfect match.”


Lin Zhihua looked up at him: “I couldn’t tell that you are even a love expert?”

“Of course! My girlfriends can form a group.”

“…you still have the nerve.”

Liu Xu laughed: “What is there to be embarrassed about? You think everyone’s like you. Already in the 20s and still haven’t had a girlfriend. Even when you like a girl you thought you obtained an illness”

“What’s the use of making so many girlfriends? Trouble.”Lin Zhihua glanced at him.

“How can you say trouble? It is the duty of us men to make every beautiful girl feel the happiness of hormones.” Liu Xu started to be not serious.

Lin Zhihua said nothing, looked at his expression and was quite disgusted.

“Alright, I’m leaving.”Lin Zhihua stood up and wanted to go out.

Liu Xu looked surprised: “Wei, you don’t want to talk anymore?”

“Didn’t I have no problems?”

“Then don’t you want your body to return to normal completely? So you can have more relationships in the future?”

Lin Zhihua adjusted his cuffs and looked at him disgustingly: “No need, one is enough.”

He walked to the door, Liu Xu advanced a few steps, and hurriedly said: “Then can you let me know what kind of sacred saint the girl is from?”

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  1. I really love these characters they show so much emotions.

  2. I admire his “loyalty” (*cough*obsession*cough) but damn do these black-bellied CEOs harm people more than do good to them. Like that ML suffering from prosopagnosia in “Father, Mother Ran Away Again” these guys gives me the hives. I’d rather he try to cure himself to have some platonic/romantic soulmates since it might have been an adrenaline thing.

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