SOOEW Chapter 49 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife X

After a spring rain, the soil in the mountains was soft. Fortunately, this pilgrimage was dedicated towards Buddha. It was renovated once before, paving the mountain road leading to the Buddhist temple with stones. However, the stones are slippery, and the pedestrians will inevitably slow down.

The pines and cypresses in the mountains are verdant and fresh, the air is refreshing, and there is even a clear fragrance coming from the soil, allowing people to feel carefree and joyous.

Wen Ying worshipped piously in the temple. The sandalwood before the case coiled around the mists of smoke, lingering on the body of the Buddha statue. It couldn’t help reminding her of the “Dream incense”, because she recently often had her hands on it, that she didn’t even feel that unique fragrance on herself anymore.

Dream incense is an item from the celestials. It does not only provide her with benefits, but presumably Wei Lingheng as a dream recipient would receive even more benefits.

On the return trip, Song Xi has been quietly watching Wen Ying strangely.

If she remembered correctly, the stepmother from her previous life arranged someone on the way to the temple. In regards to this, she begged her maternal grandmother to prepare her manpower and await for a counterattack. However, on the way there, they did not see anyone. Surely, it couldn’t be that this time, it would be on the return trip? Or maybe she remembered the wrong day, and it didn’t occur this time when they went to pray.


But in any case, the arrow is already on the string and has to be sent, even if the other party has no plan today, there will be one sooner or later. She will take the initiative to gain the advantage, that’s all!

She gave a secret signal to the people hidden.

Two horse-drawn carriages were parked at the foot of the mountain. As when they came, Wen Ying took the one in front, and Song Xi took the latter one, leaving in order.

Halfway through, there was a narrow corner opening, and suddenly there was the sound of horseshoes incessantly hissing, and a group of masked men poured out!

Wen Ying’s carriage was in front, and was immediately startled, the hooves hissed, and the driver firmly held onto the reins.

The female family members traveled, and the Song Family will naturally have their own guards followed. The guards immediately raised their swords to meet them, and fought with them at close quarters. The scene immediately became very chaotic.

Some bandits used the opportunity provided by the chaos to approach the carriage. They stabbed the driver on his shoulder, and jumped into the carriage and dragged the woman out of the carriage.

Song Xi dragged the carriage curtain, and looked out from the cracks, watching her stepmother get hijacked. Her body trembled slightly and couldn’t help but want to laugh out loud!

This woman also has today! Everything she suffered in her previous life, she will return it to her in this life!

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Wei Lingheng had a vague idea on where and when Peipei would be attacked. After a chat with Master Qingyuan, he went down the hill on time to let the imperial guards lie dormant in the woods. At the same time, he arranged a group of archers on the trees.

He watched the sun setting, and when it reached the position where he dreamed, his mood suddenly became tense.

He has never done such absurd things, and this has always been in his dream, that’s all. Even though this dream appears continuously, everything in his dream seemed very vivid. However, in the final analysis, this was all in his imagination.

Is there really a girl named Peipei in this world?

Suddenly, he heard the sound of fighting not far from the woods!

Soon afterwards, like in his dreams, a woman was hijacked by bandits and they ran into the forest.

Their bodies approached, the bandits had their faces covered, and the woman was pushed and shoved. She was stumbling forward, her appearance in a mess. The facial features are not clear, but the woman’s bun*, he can see clearly.

*style of hair that married women wore in ancient times


It’s not Peipei. In his dream, Peipei hasn’t married yet.

His heart, which had been held up high, suddenly fell, and he sighed, wondering what mood his heart was filled with.

But he still made a gesture and ordered the guards to save the person.

Immediately, there was a rustle all around, causing the bandits to be vigilant immediately.

But no matter how alert they were, it was still useless. Dozens of bowstrings fired, “shua shua” and several bandits were hit in their throats by the arrows and fell straight to the ground!

Quiet reigned in the woods again, only a pair of black boots slowly walked out from behind the forest.

The moment he showed his face, the woman suddenly opened her eyes and a short, soft cry fell: “Chang Feng…”

At the same time, he also saw her face clearly and was shocked in place.

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