WFILTU Chapter 60 – Lovesickness III

“You should have less ideas.” He paused,” She is still young.”’

After finishing, Lin Zhihua quickly left the room.

Liu Xu looked speechless, once this old house is on fire, it is really out of control.

He seemed to think of something and suddenly smiled:” If the couple of the Lin Family knew that there was such a girl who made the big boss normal, I am afraid that it wouldn’t matter what age or not age.”

Liu Xu shook his head, he had always kept secrets, and it was certainly impossible for it to come from his mouth.

As for when Lin Zhihua will hide it until, it has nothing to do with him.

“It’s going to be lively.”


Ever since she and Cheng Mingjiao stirred up trouble until they collapsed, the other party no longer came to disturb her from time to time. Xue Jiao’s life was simple and peaceful.

Li Sitong knew that she was sorry towards her, so she didn’t dare to say much. Xue Jiao returns to her room after eating, and she doesn’t say much either.

Life became quiet all at once, and all her energy was spent on studying.

Although Xue Jiao is not stupid, but she is also not top level clever. Her last life’s college entrance examination was just that grade. This life, there’s no way she would sit idly and enjoy the fruits of others’ work.

Therefore, she must go all out in order to achieve the desired results.

“Let me talk first. This monthly exam is the midterm exam. Everyone should keep up their spirits. Last time, class two had such high scores. This time, you should all chase it back! Do you understand?!” Yin Fang roared.

There was so much difference between them and the second class last time. As the homeroom teacher, she was criticized for a month, and all the subject teachers often attended and supervised the first class.

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Yin Fang has carried so many sessions, and this was her most embarrassing session.

This month, she was particularly strict on the students in the class. She guarded in the classroom between classes and during the three meals, no one was allowed to play around..

“Understood!”The students spoke in unison.

Yin Fang’s serious face swept across the crowd, “I tell you, this time, the students who have fallen in rankings, during the next month, I guarantee that you won’t have a good life! Of course, there are also rewards for improved performance.”

She looked at the students with their head down and growled: “Raise your head and look at me!”

All the students together “shua shua shua*” raised their heads and looked at her, Xue Jiao looked at her like everyone else, watching her.

*shua- sound of heads raising


“Today is Monday. Thursday is the exams. You must use these days to raise your spirits, and answer questions carefully during the exam. If anyone makes a low-level mistake, I will let you make enough! Also, there will be a parent teacher meeting next Monday. The school will send text messages to the parents’ mobile phones this week. I don’t care about other classes, but the parents of the students in our class must come!”

She paused: “It’s already year two of high school. If your parents don’t care about your grades, then, the teacher doesn’t need to care about you.”

“You guys should properly test this time around, and when your parents come, I will talk extensively to them about your performance! Okay, let’s start the lecture now.”

Yin Fang’s words frightened everyone until they were trembling with fear, and they all began to take the classes seriously.

Once class ended, Yi Tianyu was lying on the table, his face looking desperate.

The Xue Jiao next to him was still doing questions. He glanced at her, and it was still the later contents.

“Bookworm, the midterm exam is coming…”

Xue Jiao was immersed in the questions on one hand, and on the other, questioned: “En…what about it?”

Ever since Yi Tianyu helped her last time, although she didn’t say much, her attitude has changed a bit. At least, Yi Tianyu didn’t notice that Xue Jiao was much more patient with him..

“A parent meeting will be held ah ah ah ah!” He knocked the table with his head, “My dad will kill me!”

“Isn’t your father’s character pretty good?” Xue Jiao doubted.

“What’s good about it. He didn’t study well, but he can’t wait for me to take the first prize! Alas, wei, bookworm, aren’t you afraid of the parent teacher meeting? Your mom doesn’t seem to be very good either.” Yi Tianyu looked at her sideways.

Xue Jiao’s pen gave a slight pause, then she said firmly: “Not afraid.”

Not afraid because this time…

She won’t hide clumsily!


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  1. That teacher is human garbage. It’s bad enough that she doesn’t care about the kids in her care, but she just went and claimed that there’s no need to care for kids whose parents don’t care.

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