SOOEW Chapter 50 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XI

Even though Wei Lingheng listened to the dim sound in his dream, and he came with the thought of meeting her, but the moment the person he dreamed of walked before his eyes, he was still unrestrainedly shocked.

In his dream, when she didn’t show her thorns, she was always charming and simple. Her hair that has not yet been formed into a married bun was scattered, and  the young girl’s head and her appearance of smiling with pursed lips seemed like a small white jasmine flower. Yet, in reality, her hair was combed into a married bun, and her expression was reserved.

But when she was nervous, her eyelashes were trembling desperately, and her small movements were exactly the same as in his dream.

He never thought that she had already married someone.

Because he often dreamed of her, and she was even so intimate towards him, so he never thought that she would be someone else’s. If, in this world, she didn’t exist, then, it would be fine. If there is, he will definitely accept her into the palace, so that she will not be tortured anymore, and he can guarantee her a life supplied with food and clothing.


However, now that she is married, what should he do?

After experiencing the plunder just now, she was still in a panic. Her face was pale white, and her black haired bun fell slightly, her hair pin shaking.

Wei Lingheng took a step forward, and his boots broke the green grass, making a slight crunch.

“You call me Chang Feng?”

Wen Ying was shocked from her trance, she seemed to have woken from a dream, and she gave him a bow in anxiety, “You look like an old friend, and I unconsciously collided… I don’t know how to address this gentleman. I have to thank you for your life saving grace.”

This alienation also reminded Wei Lingheng.

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The steps he lifted were put down again, and the hands behind him were reopened with a grip. In his life, he has never had such a moment of uncertainty. 

“It was a piece of cake, people in the world*, it’s not unusual to draw a knife to help at the sight of injustice.” He said lightly.

*people in the world as in everyone exists together in the world

If it weren’t for the occasion being improper, Wen Ying would almost burst out laughing.

Drawing a knife to help at the site of injustice, Wei Lingheng really accepted the settings she gave him?

It was…… quite cute.

“It turns out that this gentleman is a chivalrous knight!” Her gaze brightened.

Her words and expressions seemed familiar, and immediately moved Wei Lingheng’s state of mind.

He remembered the “Chang Feng” that she blurted out. No one in the world knew his informal name except the people closest to him. He couldn’t help guessing, did she also have those dreams?

For a moment he hesitated, not far away high and low shouts were heard.



Wen Ying looked back subconsciously, and then said to him: “I think it should be the family guards. I dare to ask the name of this gentleman, and where do you live? When I go home to prepare the gift, I would like to thank this gentleman for this life-saving grace…”

“There is no need for this ceremony, I don’t know what this madam’s name is?”

She was startled: “My surname is Wen and my name is Ying, my nickname is Pei Pei…”

After she finished, she turned her head in embarrassment, as if she couldn’t understand why she would reveal her nickname with an outsider.

He chuckled a little and was a little happy. She still has the same temperament as in his dream, and it seemed like a cat with their  belly exposed in front of someone who made her feel comfortable.

The shouting of the guards was almost here. Wen Ying answered towards them in their direction, and then, when she turned her head again, Wei Lingheng was no longer there.

Back outside the woods, there was nothing left.

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