WFILTU Chapter 61 – Captivating I

“So confident? !”Yi Tianyu was shocked.

Xue Jiao ignored him and continued reading.

Yi Tianyu thumped his head on the table violently on one hand, and on the other, opened the text, then read for a moment: “Ah, what is this stuff!”

Xue Jiao stopped her pen and put it down:”Let me help tutor you.”

“What?” Yi Tianyu froze.

Immediately, as if he heard something incredible, his mouth slightly opened:”You said you will help tutor me?!”


“Correct.” Xue Jiao nodded, with a serious attitude.

Yi Tianyu stuttered: “But but but…… but I don’t understand anything, and the distance from the day of the exams is only two days…… “

“You don’t need to get a high score, you just need to attain a slightly higher score.” Xue Jiao slightly tilted her head and looked at him* seriously with her eyes.

*it says her in the original text, but it’s addressing him, so i’m assuming the author made a mistake. Take from it what you will


“Then let’s start.”

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“Ah?”Yi Tianyu was stunned,”I I I…Will I…Delay you from reviewing?”

Xue Jiao shook her head,”Two days is also useful, and tutoring you is also a review.”

There truly is not much to review in two days. For the college entrance examination, these two days are nothing, but for the first semester of the second year, the two-day review can actually cover a lot of content. After all, the content of a half a semester is not too much, as long as you grasp the focus and do not seek high scores, the improvement would still be pretty big.

Xue Jiao has always acted on her words. Yi Tianyu helped her last time. Regardless of feeling or reason, she should still pay some of it back.

She will just use this midterm exam to return the favor!

Xue Jiao decided on it unilaterally.

“Let me talk about math first. I remember that last time, you almost passed on math. Your math foundation should be pretty good and you are smart enough. You look at this page, the teacher spent an entire class focusing on this example, and on the third and eighth questions after class. Three questions in the tutorial are all of this type, so I think this question must be on the test, and you should pay attention…”

When Xue Jiao gave a lecture, she was clever and energetic. She confidently took out the books and materials and outlined on them with pencils.


Yi Tianyu stared at her in a daze, his heart beating.

“Wei, do you understand yet?”

“Understand…Understand…Understood…”Yi Tianyu stammers.

He didn’t know why Xue Jiao wanted to help him. Although the other party’s monthly test scores last month were not satisfactory, but at least, she passed all the subjects, and she usually worked hard. She also understands how to do all the homeworks….

She must be qualified to “guide” him, but…… doesn’t the bookworm only think about studying??

Normally, when Yi Tianyu asks Xue Jiao for a homework, Xue Jiao wouldn’t even pay attention to him. Now, she took the initiative to offer tutoring, and this stimulation towards Yi Tianyu wasn’t an average sized one. 

But he doesn’t know why, he just feels very happy, even more happy than when he received first place playing basketball!

Yi Tianyu did not sleep or doze off in class today, but he also did not listen to the lecture——He is looking at the main points that Xue Jiao outlined!

“You wait for a minute, you go to bed half an hour later tonight, remember to write down these physical formulas, and you must do these two basic questions.” After the evening self-study, Xue Jiao grabbed Yi Tianyu and seriously informed him.

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