SOOEW Chapter 51 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife (XII)

After Wen Ying was robbed, the bandits saw that the mission had been completed, and retreated from battle. Not even a moment later, they ran until there was no sight of them.

As for Song Xi, she probably thought the job was already completed. Wen Ying would have to wait at least one day and night before she returns. Without waiting for the guards to enter the forest to find Wen Ying’s whereabouts, she took the banner and went back to find rescuers, and left in the horse-drawn carriage.

At the moment she returned to the Song Family, Wen Ying bumped into Song Xi and Song Zheng walking and talking by chance. Song Zheng held a long sword, and walked outwards in long strides, his expression stern and frosty.

Suddenly, the two looked up and saw that she was standing beside the corridor pillars. Song Xi’s worried expression suddenly stiffened, and seemed like she met a ghost.

“You, how did you come back…… “

Song Zheng let out a sigh of relief and walked in front of her to check on her: “I heard from Xi’er that you guys were attacked. Did you receive any injuries?”


“I only received a bruise on my arm, and it doesn’t hinder anything.” She didn’t respond to him, and only smiled at Song Xi, “Oh right, that I can return safely, I will have to thank Xi’er.”

This time’s situation, she appeared in Wei Lingheng’s dream in order to make preparations. Even if there is no incident, she can still meet with the other party.

But Song Xi has obviously gone to extremes, even if she does nothing, she will still regard Wen Ying as the stepmother of her previous life. Without giving the little girl a lesson, there is no possibility of getting along peacefully.

Song Xi still didn’t recover from the surprise, but Song Zheng observed something wrong from her face.

“At the time I was caught, it was all thanks to Xi’er who brought a lot of guards. This led all the bandits away, otherwise I don’t know what will happen to me.”

Her irony was so obvious that it was hard for people to ignore.

Upon hearing this, Song Zheng turned to look at Song Xi: “You took the guards away? Your mother was captured, and you actually ran away alone?!”

“I didn’t order them to! It was because they saw that mother had already been lost, and they were worried if they lost me, they wouldn’t be able to account for it. So then, they all followed me to leave, what does it have to do——”

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She hadn’t finished speaking, and she was swiftly slapped head on across her face!

“Well well well, this is my good daughter, the daughter of Song Zheng!” Song Zheng was angered to laughter by her*. “If your mother sees what you look like today, she will be angered to death by you even if she is alive!”

*angered to death

This time it touched Song Xi’s contrary scale. She was still regretting what she said before, but now, it was only the anger that came up!

“What qualifications do you have to mention mother! Failing to distinguish between right and wrong, loyalty and treachery!” she sneered. “If my mother knows that you treat her daughter like this, she will regret marrying you!”

Song Zheng was obviously stung, but facing the face like his original wife, he finally left without saying anything.


Song Xi angered away her father, and she didn’t feel happy at all. Her eyes were cold, looking at Wen Ying: “Are you satisfied?”

“What am I satisfied with? Xi’er treated me like so. I am very sad” Wen Ying said, “Don’t blame your father for some things. He has done a lot for you, but only, you don’t know it.”

Song Xi hated her hypocritical manner, “How my father treats me, I know myself. I know you don’t like me, and I am prepared for it. If there’s anything, you can charge at me. However, if you still have a conscience, then you should stop dealing with innocent people.”

“Innocent person, who do you mean?”

“Don’t you know? Mama Zheng just doesn’t like you but she never hurt you!” She bit her lower lip. “Do you know how Wen Family handled her? She received 100 beatings, she has lost half of her life’s respect. When she was carried back by others, she was at her last gasp, and almost didn’t have a breath left.”

Wen Ying listened and sighed with a drawn-out smile: “I didn’t expect that after many years of not meeting, my mother’s ruthless methods are still the same.”

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