SOOEW Chapter 52 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife (XIII)

Song Xi paused for a moment before she realized that Wen Ying was referring to her maternal grandmother, and she was angered till her chest heaved.

“Good girl, do you believe that Mama Zheng is innocent? If she is innocent, then I am also innocent.” Wen Ying approached her and whispered in her ear: “Is it possible that you forgot, when you were little, who incited in your ears to deal with me. Who told you, that after my baby is born, you and your younger brother will be kicked out of this family. And which person is it, that heard these words, and caused me to miscarry…… “

This is always the case in this world, only remembering how many injuries you have suffered, how much are unsatisfactory, but the pain of others is quickly forgotten, even if it is caused by yourself.

Song Xi heard it, and took a big step back, gasping with astonishment. She suddenly ceased fire: “At that time, I was really not intentional…… you said that you forgave me…… “

She truly didn’t mean to. Although, at that time she didn’t like her stepmother, she still didn’t think of hurting her. It was only when she accidentally knocked her stepmother to the ground while playing, that her stepmother had a miscarriage. Because of this guilt, she acquiesced to her stepmother’s approach and care, and became close and intimate with the other.

Thinking about it like this, she was angry again: “If you didn’t forgive me, why would you lie to me?”

If the stepmother refused to forgive her, she would not be close to her, and she would not listen to her deceptive remarks, and take one wrong step at a time!

“I did forgive you.” Wen Ying said from the depths of her heart, although Song Xi would not believe the statement of this one side.

If the later events did not happen, even if the original owner had a knot in her heart, she would still not want to ruin Song Xi.

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Song Zheng personally sent people to investigate the attack that was met during the trip to the Buddhist temple. In the original trajectory, Wen Ying was captured, and he was distracted to save people. When he checked, the traces had been wiped away.

Currently, speed is the soldier’s asset, and actually lets him detect traces of clues that all point towards the Wen residence.

He remembered Wen Ying’s words and his heart was slightly loosen.

At night, Song Zheng rested in the main room.

He slept late and read the military strategy with a light in the compartment specially prepared for him. In the past, the original owner would always add fragrance on the side, even if she was not as knowledgeable as the original wife, and could not keep up with his ideas. He is already used to her existence.

Yet today, Wen Ying went about on her own and fell asleep.

Song Zheng was not used to it and turned off the light early and went back to the bedroom.

She always sleeps on the outside, but today lies on the inside with her back to him. The snow-white blouse outlined her figure, and Song Zheng approached, smelling the sudden breath from her body, like a Buddha’s incense, but softer.

She was probably stained with it today when she went to worship Buddha.

While he was thinking about it, she turned over suddenly, her sleepy eyes opening, and met his eyes head on. The shallow dimples appeared on her cheeks, and she smiled at him.

Beauty under the lamp, delicate and hazy.

Her dimples were flushed from her sound sleep, unlike the previous times when she slept, she had to apply cosmetics and powder. This time, she washed cleanly, and her appearance was as attractive as the lotus clear dew.

“Are you going to sleep?” she asked.

“En.” He nodded in response. He seldom talked to her, and when he didn’t have to, he wouldn’t even say a word for an entire month. Today, after he went to bed, he couldn’t sleep and couldn’t help asking her, “Who saved you today? On another day, we still need to pay them a visit and express our thanks.” 

Who knows, Wen Ying heard it and sat up abruptly, frowning because of the excessive movement.


“Nothing…… ” She suddenly realized that she was overreacting, and then she lay back on the bed, slowly pulling up a little bedding, as if hiding some emotions, “I just…… I thought you wouldn’t ask, after all…… “

After all, he didn’t necessarily care much about her, and only couldn’t bear that his own wife was abducted by force. Since the person was already back, what else did it matter?

Song Zheng didn’t think his attitude was wrong in the past, but the reaction she had just made allowed him to have a rare moment of some guilt.

He subconsciously avoided answering, and diverted the topic: “I didn’t see you when I was reading today, are you tired? Why not sleep earlier.”

She didn’t speak for a while, he turned off the bedroom lights and laid down.

The bedroom became quiet, and in the dark, her ever smiling voice, traversed lightly from across the brocade quilt: “I just…I don’t want to learn from elder sister anymore.”

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