WFILTU Chapter 63 – Captivating III

Time passed just like this until Thursday, while Yi Tianyu was still annoyed and flustered.

On Wednesday night, all the tables were moved out, and the classroom was transformed into an examination room. The names of the candidates of this examination room were also posted on the door.

Xue Jiao and them were in one exam room. There were a lot of class one students who stayed in class one to take the exam, but there were even more who entered from class two.

Xue Jiao and Yi Tianyu’s desk were left inside. They moved the books from inside the desk into the cabinets in the back

Yi Tianyu’s cabinet was next to Xue Jiao. While holding a stationery bag, he secretly glanced at Xue Jiao, pretending to inadvertently ask: “Which exam room are you in?”


“Oh…… My exam room is in the thirty plus…… “


Xue Jiao looked up at him, then put the lid back on the cup, placed it back, and also took out the stationery bag…… 

“This time will improve…… “

“I feel so too! Thank you, I will definitely finish this time, and be worthy of your hard work these days!” Yi Tianyu hurriedly said.

Xue Jiao shook her head, and didn’t care too much.

“Bang—— ” The sound of a cabinet closing loudly resonated from in front.

The two subconsciously looked over.

It was Cheng Mingjiao.

During this time the other party’s silence made Xue Jiao almost forget about her…… 

It was probably the Cheng family who explained something to her, so Cheng Mingjiao only stole a look at her, and said nothing. She only used a ridiculing and disgusted gaze to glance at Xue Jiao, then lifted her chin, and proudly walked to her own seat.

She is showing that she has stronger achievements than Xue Jiao!

“Mingjiao, your grades are so good, I have gone to the third examination room this time…… ” Yu Fangfang had a face of woe.

“That’s not too bad, you can come back after working so hard this time, and can’t compare to those who are in the ten digit exam rooms!” Cheng Mingjiao taunted, her voice not low.

“You guys——” Yi Tianyu flew into a rage.

“Ignore them.” Xue Jiao reached out to stop him and shook her head.

Yi Tianyu was still a little angry, “What kind of person is this, with such a broken mouth, they need a beating.”

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“Just ignore them.” Xue Jiao shook her head,”You should work hard on your exam.”

“You can rest assured that I will, and should also take the exam well. Don’t be nervous, just do the questions normally. It’s only a monthly exam, there is nothing to be nervous about.” Yi Tianyu looked at her worriedly.

He always thinks that Xue Jiao shouldn’t have such grades. She didn’t do well in the exam. Is it really because she’s too nervous?

Xue Jiao nodded, and the corner of her mouth uplifted into a bright smile: “Ok, this time, take the test well.”

“Thump thump thump——”

Yi Tianyu couldn’t tell how he felt at that moment, his heart seemed to stop, and it also seemed to fly out.

The feeling is very similar to the time when he was young, and his parents took him to see the crimson peach blossoms on the mountains—— Beautiful flowers that he still couldn’t forget even after many years.


Xue Jiao turned around and walked to the outside of the door.

Just at this time, Gu Shiyun and others walked in with a laugh. The other party was talking to the person next to her, confident and gentle.

The two met at the door, Gu Shiyun smiled and nodded to her, without any words, as if it was just a stranger’s ordinary politeness.

Then she walked calmly to the second position in the row closest to the window in the classroom, which was the second rank in year two of Qi Zhong.

At this moment, Xue Jiao can clearly feel the pride and confidence of Gu Shiyun.

Gu Shiyun’s contempt is different from that of Cheng Mingjiao. Cheng Mingjiao makes people angry and irritable, and the methods are immature. Gu Shiyun’s contempt seemed to be natural. She looked at Gu Xuejiao without any discrimination, but it let others feel ashamed of themselves..

Everyone surrounding them was praising Gu Shiyun. When she was in junior high school, Gu Xuejiao said that Gu Shiyun was an illegitimate girl, resulting in Gu Xuejiao being teased by all kinds of people. No one believed in her words.

With such two people around, no wonder Gu Xuejiao indulges herself like that.

Xue Jiao walked outside the door, stopped and looked back.

Her eyes stayed on the proud and confident Gu Shiyun for a moment, and she shifted to the vacant position in front of her.


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