WFILTU Chapter 64 – Ranking I

Xue Jiao walked towards the thirteenth examination room. Gu Shiyun, who was sitting by the window glanced towards the middle of the classroom, and contemptuously stared at Cheng Mingjiao.


Cheng Mingjiao obviously didn’t know that Gu Shiyun was watching her. She was currently sitting in her seat happily.

Old man Cheng has been angry with her ever since last time. Cheng Kai, even more, has been keeping her at home for a long time, not allowing her to create contradictions with Gu Xuejiao again.

Hence, she has been quiet for so long.

Does she not bear a grudge?

That’s impossible, she hated Gu Xuejiao to death.


If it weren’t for Gu Xuejiao, how would she be beaten and scolded??

When she went out early today, Liu Yazhen said that as long as she passed the exam and crushed Gu Xuejiao, she could then become very proud and self-satisfied.

Cheng Mingjiao sneered, crushing Gu Xuejiao was just like playing.

Cheng Mingjiao only withdrew her thoughts when the proctor entered the classroom.

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The mid-term exam lasts for two days and officially ends at 5 pm on Friday.

Xue Jiao followed the crowd out of the examination, and walked towards the classroom of the first class.

“How was your exam?” Yi Tianyu, who was beside her, asked.

Both of them are tidying up the table, putting the books from the cabinet in the back, back into place, and rearranging them.

“En, I have exerted my full strength.” Xue Jiao nodded and put several exercise books in her school bag.

“Oh…That’s very good…” Yi Tianyu totally unconcernedly threw the books into the drawer. Like most boys, when he placed it in, he threw it into a haphazard mess, and when he needed it, he found it hard to find.

He glanced at Gu Xuejiao, and his entire face expressed—— ask me quickly.

Xue Jiao glanced at him , and was slightly speechless: “How did you do on the exam?”

The other party seems to have prepared an answer, and burst into a sputter: “Pretty good, and I also have used all my strengths. At least I did all the questions I can, and wrote formulas on those that I did not understand!”

“Oh…then congratulations…… ” Xue Jiao finished packing her school bag and finished copying the homework on the blackboard, and then prepared to leave.

“Wait!” Yi Tianyu stretched out his hand and grabbed her. Then, as if being burnt by something, quickly withdrew his hand.

“If it were not for you helping me review, I definitely wouldn’t understand anything. Let me invite you to dinner!”

Xue Jiao shook her head:”No need, you also helped me before.”

As she said it, she put on her headphones and listened while walking.

Yi Tianyu stood in place, and rubbed his hair irritably.

Why am I so stupid!

Why am I this stupid!

So stupid!


Xue Jiao only saw the message from Li Sitong when she opened her mobile phone. Uncle Xing’s family had an accident and took some time off. Li Sitong asked them to take a taxi back.

Almost right after she read the text message, Cheng Mingze’s text message also came.

—— [Cheng Mingze: Together?】

Xue Jiao did not hesitate to reply——

[You go home first.】

She put away her phone and walked along the road while listening.

“Du du—— ” The horn honked from the black car beside her.

Xue Jiao turned her head. The window rolled down, and a familiar and beautiful face appeared.

“Where are you going? Why are you alone?”

“Lin Zhihua!” Xue Jiao’s eyes shone slightly, her only friend in this world was Lin Zhihua. Especially, ever since the last time he “helped” her solve the incident of Li Sitong and Cheng Mingjiao, Xue Jiao was even more grateful towards him.

She scratched her head and laughed: “The driver asked for leave. I am heading home.”

Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows: “What a coincidence, my brother went out to play with his friends, so I didn’t pick up any one. Are you not going to play with your friends?”

Xue Jiao shook her head,”Not going.”

“Come in the car. I’ll send you.” He stated in a commanding tone.


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