SOOEW Chapter 53 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XIV

Gambling books, pouring tea, and adding fragrance to the red sleeves are all things that the original wife did. The original owner thought he liked them, and she wanted to please him. But she didn’t know that what he liked was not doing these things, but the person doing the things together.

Song Zheng was stunned slightly and twisted his head to look at her, only to see the black hair she piled on the pillow like clouds. She had already turned to face the side of the wall.


Wei Lingheng noticed that Song Zheng, the minister of the ministry of war, had especially targeted his wife’s family during today’s court session.

He is not a nosy emperor, but based on that Song Zheng’s wife’s family being surnamed Wen, he looked at the memorial and tossed it aside: “You say, what is he doing?”

Wang Deyong didn’t dare to arbitrarily talk about the matters at court, but he was one man, he saw that his majesty’s mind was not here.

“Your Majesty, you said this Wen Family, would that be that lady’s…… “

“Possibly according to her, Wen refers to her husband’s surname. ” Wei Lingheng replied very quickly, and then paused.

With a glance, Wang Deyong knew that his majesty was mulling over this case. Although he was wondering why the King who was perfectly fine, and all of a sudden, took a fancy to a married woman. However, it was his duty to serve the monarch, and it was not his concern to care about the reason.


“This is also simple, there are not many people with the surname Wen in the city, and they also went to light incense on that day, so it’s very easy to check.”

Wei Lingheng did not worry: “Who let you go investigate?”

Wang Deyong looked very innocent. He had never seen such a capricious emperor. If male and female love are always so tangled, then he is really glad he is an eunuch!

Wei Lingheng did not expect him to understand his thoughts as an eunuch.

This is what happened in a dream originally. If she was not betrothed yet, then he will accept her into the palace only by the virtue of his state. But on the contrary, she is married. Looking at the ostentatious display of guards, he is afraid that her husband is even an official.

Fighting with his courtier for a wife is only the conduct of a tyrant, and he really did not want to.

Let it pass. He’ll just think of it as a good dream. Why should he be persistent? Perhaps, the other did not even want to disturb the tranquility.

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Thinking like this, he was still in a bad mood. He then thought of Wen Family’s attitude towards her, and he started to become angry over trifles again. Seeing those people with the surname Wen caused him to feel particularly uncomfortable.

In this way, he glanced at the information he gleaned from the memorials, and then, with brush strokes like dragons and snakes, he remarked the words “Allow performance”.

After Wen Family’s elder knew that he got removed from his position at court, it really was a thunderbolt during clear skies. After going around, and receiving the news that it was caused by his brother in law, he immediately flew into a rage, and went to settle the bill.


However, when he fought to the door, he didn’t receive any justice, but learned his maternal mother’s actions.

Collusion with bandits. Once this hat is buckled down, losing his official position is considered light!

He had a stomach full of anger with nowhere to vent, but heard the news that the palace would hold a feast for the third prince to select a concubine. His daughter was about the same age as the third prince. His eyes turned sharply, and he immediately used his brain.

At the same time, Song Zheng also told Wen Ying about the concubine selection banquet, and wanted her to take Song Xi into the palace.


The author has something to say:

Wei Lingheng: Wang Deyong, why do you have so many dramas in your heart? ? ? Are you afraid that I will cut your head off? !

Wang Deyong: Oh, your Majesty, please wait, let this slave clear the barrage first.

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