WFILTU Chapter 65 – Ranking II

Bai Mingde, is the child of Lin family’s housekeeper—— and the person Lin Zhihua picks up on Friday.

He is currently standing on his tippy toes to see where Mister Lin’s car is.

Originally, after he finished his exams, he should have changed his outfit to play ball or hang out with his friends. But Bai Mingde could only obediently wear his school uniform and stand in front of the school gates and wait to head home.

He stood on his tiptoes for a moment, and then his phone vibrated.

[Mister Lin: I have something to do. You can head back yourself or ask Old Li to pick you up.】

Bai Mingde’s eyes lit up, can he go play?!

Another vibration.

[Mister Lin: Sister Chen knows that you had an exam today, and will be on holiday early. She’s currently waiting for you.】

Bai Mingde’s face collapsed immediately.


In the car.

Lin Zhihua put away his phone, asked Xue Jiao for the address, and then started the car.

“How was the exam?”

“En, it was not too bad.” Xue Jiao sat in the front passenger seat, and her sight floated to the man next to her.

“Jia you*, study well.” If you spit out encouragement with a cold face, there is a bit of scorn.

*Chinese version of gambatte or work hard(come on)

“Ok…… “

It was silent for a moment.

Xue Jiao thought for a while, bit her lip, and opened her mouth:”That…… thank you ah.”

“Thanks for what?”

“The previous situation…… thank you for your advice.” Xue Jiao is a little embarrassed.

Lin Zhihua glanced at her, a petite girl sitting on the front passenger seat, her back straight with her eyes seemingly focused ahead.

There was a smile in his eyes, but what he said was as serious as ever.

“You are still young and it is only correct to study well. If you can avoid the worrying things in your family, you should avoid them. If you can’t avoid them, you should deal with them coldly. Don’t place those things in your heart. The important thing now is to learn well.”

This kind of tone of teaching juniors from his mouth seemed very cordial, and Xue Jiao couldn’t help but relax. Her speech gradually became more casual.

“Yes yes yes, I know la!”

Lin Zhihua imperceptibly reduced the speed.

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“Lin Zhihua, aren’t you the boss of your own business? Are you not busy?” Xue Jiao suddenly thought of herself, she always felt that the probability of encountering him was not low, and the other party always came to pick up his brother every Friday, and he could even chat with her on WeChat from time to time.

“If the boss has to do everything by himself, then why do they need a boss?” Lin Zhihua asked back, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Oh…that seems to be too…” Xue Jiao  turned her head and suddenly felt that the questions she asked were stupid, so she blinked her eyes blankly.

Lin Zhihua laughed out loud.

Xue Jiao quickly withdrew her eyes and her ears were reddish.

No matter how slow the car was, they still reached the outside of Xue Jiao’s house, and Lin Zhihua stopped the car.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows.


“You have helped a lot already!”

“Didn’t you say I was like your brother? Then naturally, shouldn’t I help you?” Lin Zhihua’s voice was very low. At this time, listening to the voice that carried a smile caused Xue Jiao’s ears to move, and they felt a little itchy..

“It’s not like you’re a real brother…… “She whispered.

“Alright, go back quickly.”

“Oh oh, then goodbye.”


Xue Jiao unfastened the seat belt and opened the car door.

“Hey——” The hand was gripped by the other.

Xue Jiao is shocked.

His hands are hot, and compared to her cool hands, they were obviously at two temperatures, and even seemed slightly burning.

Xue Jiao’s hand is small, and with a casual pull, it seemed like her entire fist was held in his hand. The hand was wrapped in all directions with a slightly burning temperature.

Xue Jiao froze, and before she turned around, the other party’s hand had already released, and another thing was placed in her hand.

Xue Jiao took it subconsciously and then turned around.

“Don’t forget your phone.” The man in the car said softly.

Xue Jiao looked at the phone he handed to herself and said quickly: “Sorry, I just didn’t notice! Thank you!”

It’s her mobile phone, but apparently, her phone just fell into the car, and Lin Zhihua helped her pick it up.

“How many thanks do you have to say?” Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows, his deep eyes staring straight at her.

“I will go first!” Seen by such eyes, Xue Jiao felt a little flustered, turned around and left after saying the phrase in a hurry.

Lin Zhihua looked at her back with a relaxed expression on his face.

This girl.

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