SOOEW Chapter 54 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XV

If she were to participate in the banquet, it meant that she would enter the palace. After Wen Ying met with Wei Lingheng last time, she naturally wants to look for an opportunity to meet him again. After all an emperor should have a lot of self-restraint, and if he were to only dream of a person several times, and feel deep personal concern, then be haunted by dreams, then this trip would really be too easy.

It was prudent of her not to miss any opportunity to meet.

The scene of the banquet was arranged in the imperial garden, and a good day was chosen. Tables and chairs were set up in the open air, and the place was large. Many powerful ladies and youthful young ladies came successively, and socialized with each other before the emperor arrived.

The original owner was a successor wife, and was also born from a concubine, so she was estranged from these ladies. In the past, the original owner was humble and climbed up to a couple of families who had high statuses, and she managed “ladies’ foreign affairs” for her husband. Wen Ying thought it wasn’t worthwhile to do such a gesture, but she also wouldn’t cut her own connections. A string of witty remarks prevented those people from detecting any differences.

Song Xi looked on from the side with a sneer. Her father also had authority. What is the need for stepmother to do this? It’s just that she, herself, looks down on herself, so other people would dare to step on her.

All the madams seated at the table all boasted of other people’s daughter’sbut in their hearts, they believed that their own daughters were best.

Who knew that after Shu Fei*, the imperial concubine presiding over the banquet, arrived, she would have a lack of interest towards all the noble daughters present. However, she was only enthusiastic towards the Wen Family’s young lady, Song Xi’s cousin. 

*Shu Fei- a title for an imperial concubine


The Third Prince’s biological mother has already passed, and so he was entrusted to Shu Fei to raise. Only Shu Fei also gave birth to a son, who is the current Second Prince. For one thing, she didn’t provide much care towards her adopted son, and for another, those that came today to the banquet were all from noble and powerful families. She naturally did not want the future wife of the Third Prince to have a higher status than her own daughter-in-law.

Wen Family was originally at the bottom, and Wen Family’s cousin’s father also happened to be a demoted official, so she picked it with one glance.

Wen Family’s cousin is obviously delighted beyond measure, and the Third Prince was also late. Shu Fei Niang Niang provided her with the stage, and she immediately wanted to go up to engage in conversation.

*Niang Niang- imperial concubine

At this moment, however, there was a sudden cry of surprise at the feast.

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The Third Prince, Wei Xuan, immediately turned his sight over. Wen Family’s cousin also looked in that direction, and saw that it was her own family’s cousin who issued a call to attract attention, and immediately secretly gritted her teeth.

Song Xi can not control how her cousin thought, her stepmother had spilled a cup of boiling hot wine on her skirt! Although most of it fell over the hem of her skirt, it still splashed over her arm.

She could not help coldly laughing in her heart. It was rare for her stepmother to come up with such a clumsy trick, as she did not want her to cling to the prince, and stand at a higher position than her. After the attack at Longxing Temple in the first world, she was confined at home, and  entirely was not at the banquet, so she was not prepared for this move.

Wen Ying apologized to Shu Fei and said, “I* had a slip of the hand and disturbed Niang Niang’s pleasure. I will accompany her to change.”

*she addresses herself as qie shen, which is how one would address themselves typically in front of royalty, when they have some status


“An honest mistake, Young Miss Song will understand.” Shu fei caught Song Xi’s expression of staring at Wen Ying, and rather unpleasantly, addressed the palace maids again: “Bring Young Miss Song to change her clothes, and then bring another pot of wine for Madam Song. Madam Song can sit here in peace.”

The wives attending the banquet also thought like Song Xi, and all of them ceaselessly murmured and whispered.

Wei Xuan’s impression of Wen Ying is negative due to the time when she hid a person under the willow tree, and seeing this, his impression of her became even worse. As expected all step-mothers on earth are the same, and the Song family young miss is quite pitiable. 

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