WFILTU Chapter 66 – Ranking III

For Xue Jiao, there is no difference between attending school and being on vacation.

Just like before, she would follow routine and study all the various subjects. After almost studying all the texts for this school semester, and also sweeping through several sets of college prep, Monday already arrived.

“Jiao Jiao, I will attend your parent meeting today!” Li Sitong handed her the milk on the table.

Xue Jiao took the milk and said thank you first, before replying with: “Whatever.”

Li Sitong’s mood seemed to fall slightly, and subconsciously wanted to criticize her like before, but suddenly thought that Xue Jiao seemed to have not been over her anger, and was still angry.

Then she eased her tone:” Then you should eat quickly. After eating, we can go to school together. Your Uncle Cheng will come with us.”

Cheng Shuo was together with them, and he will hold the parent teacher meeting for Cheng Mingze, while Li Sitong will hold the parent teacher meeting for Gu Xuejiao.

“Ok.” Xue Jiao responded, her expression dull.

Li Sitong suppressed her anger as much as possible. Before, Gu Xuejiao was not sensible, and she often scolded her. Now that Gu Xuejiao is sensible, she should control her temper.

Hence, she sat next to Cheng Shuo and ate her breakfast.

Li Sitong still dressed up today, even though Cheng Shuo and her lived pretty well, and Cheng Shuo also cared for her a lot.

However, she will not forget the man and woman who caused her pain. The daughter of the other party is in the second grade of high school. Even if she knows that Xue Jiao is far worse than the other party, she is not willing to lose to the woman..

Thinking of this, her eyes were on Xue Jiao who led the way in front of her.

It’s a pity that Jiaojiao’s grades are too bad…… 

Those results made her a little embarrassed but also, helpless.

“Sister-in-law! Jiao Jiao!” A warm voice came from behind, and then two familiar people quickly walked over.

“Yo, sister-in-law, are you coming for the parent teacher meeting?” Liu Yazhen said with a smile.

Li Sitong saw Cheng Mingjiao’s complexion and was a little unwell, but she still forced a smile.

“Yeah, I’m going to attend the parent teacher meeting for Jiao Jiao.”

Liu Yazhen nodded with a smile, looking at Xue Jiao: “Jiao Jiao, how did you do on the exam?”

“Not too bad.” Xue Jiao said calmly.


“Ming Jiao also said she tested okay, it seems that the two of them have obtained the same grades on the exam. They are indeed sisters*!” Liu Yazhen continued to say with a smile.

*In Chinese, sisters, however, can also means cousins from the paternal side

Li Sitong was suddenly angry, this meaning behind these words was that Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingjiao had almost received the same grades!

But in Li Sitong’s impression, Xue Jiao was much worse compared to Cheng Mingjiao, and Liu Yazhen was mocking them!

Li Sitong suppressed all her anger and only responded with: “Ming Jiao still has better grades!”

“Gu Xuejiao, go, go to your seat!” Li Sitong’s tone inevitably carried a little anger when she turned around.

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Xue Jiao didn’t care, turned around and walked towards class one.

Just like misery loves company, meeting those kinds of unhappy people, meeting one means that they’ll meet two.

As soon as they reached the back door of the first class, a woman came out of the front door of the second class.

It was Wu Wanjun and Gu Shiyun.

The two were stunned.

Li Sitong took two steps forward angrily and heard Wu Wanjun speak out——

“Shiyun, why haven’t the results come out yet, how did you do this time?”

“The teacher said that he would bring it later, and I tested pretty well. I should not fall out of the top three ranks.”

Li Sitong shook slightly, and almost fainted.

Xue Jiao sighed inaudibly. In the past, the bad relationship between Gu Xuejiao and Li Sitong came from this. She felt that Xue Jiao was embarrassing to her, and no matter where Li Sitong looked, it was all unpleasant to the eyes. Quarrels then became the norm. 


At the end, she was Xue Jiao and not Gu Xuejiao.

In addition to the affairs from last time, it is already very hard for her to have any affections for this woman, so she will not be sad..

“The teacher is here! The teacher is here——”

With this exclamation, parents and students immediately became nervous.

Yin Fang and the head teacher of the second class are heading in the same direction. They quickly walked over, holding a stack of grades in one hand.

“The results of our class, one for each person, parents can advance into the classroom.” Yin Fang shouted.

Then the head teacher of the second class next door posted a piece of paper on the bulletin board outside the first and second classes. “This is the transcript for the whole grade, you can take a look if you are interested.”

In a flash, many parents crowded in.

Li Sitong didn’t want to see it. Liu Yazhen pulled her and squeezed in. Wu Wanjun glanced at them and pulled Gu Shiyun close to her with ridicule.

“Sister-in-law, take a quick look at your family’s achievements!”Liu Yazhen said loudly, pulling her to continue to squeeze to the innermost.

The transcripts are still quite high, and before the few people squeezed into the innermost, they saw the first few names.

Gu Xuejiao, Rank 1, Total score 739;

Chu Sheng, Rank 2, Total score 730;

Shang Zhiyuan, Rank 3, Total score 725;

Gu Shiyun, Rank 4, Total score 717;


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    • Yeah, she has too many insecurities to be able to be a supportive mother. I understand her worries and insecurities…but I can’t extend my understanding when she fails to be there, as a mother, to her own daughter.

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