WFILTU Chapter 67 – Shock I

Xue Jiao saw it from a distance, and her sight was directed toward Chu Sheng’s name.

The college entrance examination is a big mountain. There are side roads in the middle, muddy and rugged and filled with difficult obstacles. It is a challenge that the majority of people cannot avoid in their lifetime.

Xue Jiao is equivalent to someone who very arduously already traveled to the mountaintop, then turned back, and started over again.

This time, she avoided all the wrong paths and walked straight towards her goal in a better way, without taking any detours.

The exam for the second year of high school is not difficult, and Xue Jiao has experienced it once again.

But just this type of exam, Chu Sheng, 730, is only nine pointers lower than her who has a “cheat”.

Qi Zhong, is really worthy of being Qi Zhong.

Xue Jiao’s eyes deepened, and these thoughts almost only turned once, and she immediately became determined, and full of fighting spirit.

Soon, someone interrupted her silence.

“Gu Xuejiao? ! How is this possible! ! ! Isn’t her grades really bad? !” Liu Yazhen raised her voice, pointing at the first rank with an unbelievable look.


Other parents didn’t care for any used to be or not, and their sights all followed her pointer finger, and then they pulled the child next to them.

There were some tender remonstrances——

“Take a look at others! 739! Only deducted 11 points! Other people did so well on the exam, how come you have dropped so much compared to the first monthly exam? !”

There were some hatred that the iron wouldn’t become steel——

“You take a look at others. It’s all the same question, but why are you nearly a hundred points lower than others? !”

There were some angry ones——

“I, your father, want to beat you!”


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Yet, those students in Class One and Class Two were shocked that they stared with wide eyes and their faces incredulous.

Gu Xuejiao……there was no one in these two classes who did not know her!

After all…..her looks are really extraordinary!

It has been pointed out very early on that Gu Xuejiao’s appearance is even more beautiful than the widely recognized goddess, Gu Shiyun! However, because Gu Shiyun has always been perfect all round, no one questioned her status as a goddess. 

Thanks to the bet last time between Cheng Mingjiao and Gu Xuejiao, everyone in class one and two knew of Gu Xuejiao. Her appearance was particularly good, however, her grades were extremely bad.

But…this f******* 739 rank one, what’s the situation?!

The first class is also shocked. They are more familiar with Xue Jiao than the second class. Although, they all know that she studies really seriously, but the results of the last monthly exam are really not good.

They didn’t expect that Xue Jiao had such an exaggerated score this time.!

This is to crush everyone and head straight to the top!


The students in class one and two were so shocked that their chins dropped, their mouths wide open, and their big brains all blanked.

Of course, they don’t know yet, what they witnessed now, is just the beginning of a bright life.

Such crushing will remain in their memory forever.

Seeing that her shouts did not attract attention, Liu Yazhen couldn’t help but approach the teacher and raised her voice: “Teacher, I am Gu Xuejiao’s second aunt. Her previous grades have always been particularly bad. How did she do so well on the exam this time? Shouldn’t the authenticity of this result still be considered?”

Her words attracted the attention of many people, especially Wu Wanjun and Gu Shiyun who had been ignorant this entire time.

Hearing this, Yin Fang glanced at the calm Gu Xuejiao standing in the distance, and took a deep breath.

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  1. I knew this question was going to come >_< why can't people ever just think someone could just improve?
    Thank you for updating 🙂

    • Yeah, especially when her behaviour is 180 degrees from what she was before. It’s clear that she hadn’t been putting in hard work before, and that she’s doing so right now! What’s wrong being the genius of hard work??

  2. You can die mad wanna be aunt, you are in no shape or form related to this greatness so just move on.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. …wow as expected, that “aunt” of her really question Xue Jiao’s scores.. Come on teacher! Show them the authenticity of your student’s hardwork!!

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  5. Oof, expected this level of stupidity of the cousin not the aunt. Openly accuse her like this, on a parent meeting day, right after her daughter had bad mouthed them already it’s as if she wants to throw away the years of socialising.

  6. Smart. Really smart. She’s highlighting that she’s her Aunt so the „face“ of the family will be lost either way.

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