WFILTU Chapter 68 – Shock II

“First of all, I guarantee that the results this time are fair and just, and it is also the real situation of the students. The rest can be said in the classroom”

Yin Fang’s shock is actually no less than that of Liu Yazhen’s.

Time returns to yesterday afternoon.

They only finished correcting the test papers for the whole grade in the morning. In the afternoon, they calculated the results. She first received the results for the English exam. At that time, she only thought that Gu Xuejiao had really developed into English this time and achieved an unexpected score.

Then around five o’clock in the afternoon, all the results came out.

All the teachers in year two were blinded. Yin Fang’s entire body was confused.

Gu Xuejiao? 739?!

“Teacher Yin! Your class’s  Gu Xuejiao 739? !” The voice of the homeroom teacher for the second class stunned the entire office.

Yin Fang swallowed and said stupidly: “This time…there were no leaks?”

She was also quite unsure when she asked this question. After all, her own English exams were only created before the exam, and they were created at home. They were only sent to the examination teacher a few days before the exam.

She didn’t divulge any exam questions. The examination teacher is the grade director. She has always been strict on regulations, and there was a hundred percent chance that she wouldn’t have leaked the questions.

“It’s impossible on my side, and she’s also answered on the language exam very well. Even if the questions were leaked, there was no way that she could answer it so well.” The language teacher said. She always likes Gu Xuejiao, her handwriting is beautiful, and she attends class seriously.

So she added:”In addition, Gu Xuejiao’s performance is usually very good, and the answer is also the style of her answers in the workbook. According to the usual practice questions, I think this actually shows her strength and she didn’t do well on the last monthly exam.”

The physics teacher nodded: “It’s rare to see an obedient student like Gu Xuejiao. I have found several times that she has prepared in advance. After-class exercises and practice questions are always done in advance. Before, during class, I created a question to let them solve on the spot. I saw that she finished very soon. I struggled before because this child is so serious, yet her results were not so good……”

Normally, if it was not mentioned then they wouldn’t care. But when they noticed, the details that they typically ignore all come out.

There was another teacher who took out Xue Jiao’s homework. It was very eloquent, and she basically came to the conclusion that Xue Jiao may have had some luck on the exam this time, but there was also true strength behind it. Her results last time were not so satisfactory because her foundation was too poor, and she slowly built it up for this time.


The homeroom teacher of the second class was as stunned as Yin Fang.

He looked at Yin Fang: “I remember that when your class’s Gu Xuejiao first arrived, she seemed to have only obtained nine points in mathematics, and the rest were also a terrible mess……”

Yin Fang nodded:”Correct…… For last month’s monthly exam she only just passed in all the subjects……”

“From nine to ninety? !” The language teacher exclaimed.

The math teacher also froze for a moment, and then said: “For the first monthly exam, she went from nine points to ninety points, and on the second monthly exam, she went from ninety points to full marks……”

“This Gu Xuejiao student should have worked very hard and also have a lot of talent…… “

“Teacher Yin.” The words of the homeroom teacher for the second class were a bit sour, “Your class’s Gu Xuejiao has scored too well this time, and even overpowered Chu Sheng. Ever since the class placement, Chu Sheng already removed liberal arts, which has been dragging his hind legs, and always placed first……”

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Immediately after hearing the homeroom teacher of the second class mention the student who she often mentioned, Yin Fang immediately lifted her chin: “How about it? Our class can also take the first place. Chu Sheng is really powerful, but didn’t Gu Xuejiao still exceed him by nine points this time?”

The homeroom teacher of the second class pouted:”This is just a coincidence, and she had good luck. Chu Sheng’s talent and strength are not what an ordinary person can compare to.”

“Then we’ll see on next month’s exam!”

Yin Fang said this, but in her heart she already defaulted that Xue Jiao was indeed dominated by luck this time, and if she wants to overwhelm Chu Sheng next time, it would be difficult..

Time returns back to present.

Although Yin Fang herself suspected Gu Xuejiao’s achievements, but, in fact, there is no space that allows for a leak.

All she told Liu Yazhen was, let’s talk later.



Whatever else Liu Yazhen wanted to say, Yin Fang interrupted her: “Parents please advance to the classroom!”

In the end, she was still the homeroom teacher. Once the words were said, all the other parents hurried in.

Li Sitong stood stunned in the original spot, Xue Jiao saw that she was motionless and walked over: “Time to head in.”

As soon as her words fell to the ground, Li Sitong immediately grabbed her, and the other person lowered her voice and said ferociously: “What’s going on with grades? ! Is it cheating? !”

Xue Jiao:”…… “

After a moment, she said:”No.  Whether I cheated or not, shouldn’t the teacher know?”

After she finished speaking, she walked in first.

Li Sitong opened her mouth and saw that Xue Jiao had already walked far away, so she could only follow.

“The parents of our class should also hurry in!” The homeroom teacher of the second class organized the second class parents into the classroom.

Wu Wanjun pinched Gu Shiyun’s hand and gritted her teeth:”What happened? ! How could her grades suddenly be so good!”

Gu Shiyun’s expression is not better than hers, and her face is full of gloom.

“Also, didn’t you say that you can make it to the top three!”

Gu Shiyun’s face is even more ugly.

Without Gu Xuejiao, her scores were truly in the top three, but, on the contrary, Gu Xuejiao came first. Also…… she has clearly done her best, why is it still not as good as others?!

Wu Wanjun took a deep breath, her footsteps were angry. Gu Shiyun’s grade which has always made her proud has made her embarrassed this time.

And when she thought of how proud she was in front of Li Sitong, she felt like she was slapped and her face hurts.

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  1. I swear I understand that mother’s reaction but you’re not being supportive of your own daughter and that’s one of the reasons I believe the og MC was acting like that. Even the current MC can feel that and now doesn’t want to do even be near her mom.

  2. What kind of Horrible mother is Li Sitong for constantly doubting her daughter. Like even if your surprised you shouldn’t have asked if she cheated. No wonder the old Gu Xuejiao constantly rebel against her mother, so toxic.

  3. ….twice Li Sitong doesn’t believe in Xue Jiao: the quarrel with Mingjiao and now her grades. Well, seeing how “she” was previously it’s understandable that it’s hard to believe, but isn’t it already clear enough that there’s no way she’s cheating, or else the teacher wouldn’t put her name on the long list in the first place. Would this time Xue Jiao feel betrayed and disappointed the second time, by the very same person too? Don’t worry Xue Jiao, you have your Zhihua with you! X)

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  7. Yikes! 2 strikes mother dear! Altho, I do think that the mother would really be in disbelief because she knows her daughter (previous soul) wouldn’t do so well.. but to immediately accuse her of cheating?! .. man oh man that’s wrong! Thanks for the hard work!

  8. Honestly Li Sitong is the biggest enemy in the series 😠 At least the others haven’t physically abused their daughters or refused to believe in them despite clear evidence.

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