SOOEW Chapter 56 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XVII

Wei Lingheng thought he must be crazy.

Otherwise, how could he be so uncontrollable after knowing that she was persuaded to drink by Shu Fei and order a person to bring her to this side hall where no one passes through?

She can’t drink alcohol. Drinking more than a couple would cause an allergic reaction. 

This was what he had learned from his dreams.

That day, he had already made up his mind to break this relationship, but that night he dreamt of her again. This time there was no story. There was only her, in his arms, and she kept on repeating “Why do they not want me?” and then she cried. She cried quite miserably.

The crying made him helpless. 

On the second day, Shu Fei presented the invitations for the concubine selection feast. He randomly turned it over, and his line of sight suddenly nailed to it.

On one row, it was written: Minister of War’s Song Zheng’s wife, Song Wenying.

The moment she entered the palace, he already knew everything she said and did. It was all reported by the people below. He gave himself an excuse by saying that he was afraid that she might be bullied in the palace. 

However, it wasn’t up until the moment that she accidentally fell, and she was brought into his arms, that he knew it was actually not like this. 

Wen Ying’s current body’s facial features are on the relatively tender side. If it were not for the hairstyle on her head and cyan rimmed outfit, causing her to look older, than if she went out and was said to be a maiden, people would be willing to believe. 

Now, she had drank alcohol, and her cheeks were flushed, her eyes dimmed, and a soft, sandalwood scent like that from his dream crept into his nose. It caused Wei Lingheng’s heart to start pounding, and he asked her, “How many glasses have you had?”

“Chang Feng?” She shook her head, and seeing that her body was about to fall again, she unconsciously grasped her skirt and steadied herself. “Why are you here? What are you doing here at the palace?”

She actually does know Chang Feng.


Wei Lingheng thought of the two’s first meeting in the woods. Her manner was stiff and she avoided his probing words. Now she was drunk and was quite fit for questioning.

“How do you know my name is Chang Feng?” He whispered.

She started laughing the moment she heard it and muttered, “Am I drunk or are you? How would I not know your name is Chang Feng? I not only know your name is Chang Feng, I also know that you have amazing light footwork! We’ve been friends since I was thirteen. How could I not know you? Strange, am I dreaming again…… ” Her voice trailed off, and she looked as if she were mumbling her doubts.

Wei Lingheng’s hand that was holding her arm tightened. He originally wanted to let go, but now, it seems that he can’t let go. 

She also had the same dream, the same dream he had.

His emotions were like a stone that dropped into the middle of a lake, starting to ripple. 

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She was clearly dressed in official rank clothing, and had a madam’s appearance, but as he looked at her fluttering eyelashes, and the smile with dimples, all the details were the same as his dream. 

“Do you like Chang Feng?”

She lifted her head to look up at him, and originally ought to have displayed the meaning of”strange,” but her eyes were moist, and the corner of her tipsy eyes were red like the tail of a goldfish. It caused him to lower his head by several degrees, “En?” He was waiting for her answer.

“You……Lower your head again.” She waved at him with difficulty. “I’ll tell you quietly.”

Drunk people are the most unreasonable. Wei Lingheng heard her and once again, approached her and placed his ears near her lips that delivered her words. 

However he was caught off guard, and was kissed on his cheek!

There’s electricity in the air , he raised his head and stared at her with unfathomable black eyes like deep pools.


She was disturbed by his sight, so she broke away from him and ran to the side.

He did let her run, but the pursuit of his eyes were like a rope, and kept her firmly bound.

Wen Ying flees to the side of a long table and almost knocks off the decorated goblets, which she steadies, making him laugh at the sight. However, while laughing and laughing, she felt uncomfortable and tried to scratch her own face.

Wei Lingheng suddenly remembered that Pei Pei had drunk wine and her face would become allergic and grow small rashes.

He strode over and took her hand. With a closer look, as expected, there are small red dots growing on her face. He shouted at once for someone.

Wang Deyong has long been curious about the person in His Majesty’s heart. He didn’t let other people keep guard and came in at once when he heard the shout. 

With this look, he didn’t feel that she was that beautiful. 

However, her body appeared young like a maiden and between the eyebrows and eyes, they have enjoyed the pleasure of a woman, uniquely charming. The combination of the two is eye-catching, and since she drank now, and was drunk, even the red dots on her cheek are attractive. She truly does hook one’s appeal.

However, he was a eunuch and didn’t see it. He was ordered to get the ointment.

As he closed the door, he saw, through the crack of the door, that the woman’s hands were held by His Majesty, and couldn’t move. Thinking, it should be that her face itched, and she rubbed her shoulders against it, pitifully.

Then, he only saw His Majesty unexpectedly blow on her face, and bent down to speak to her, as if inquiring. Then the woman nodded, and so gently His Majesty blew upon her, his eyes very tender.

When the door closed, Wang Deyong clapped his hands over his heart.

This is really, the emperor’s tender feelings ah!


The author has something to say:

Third Prince (deep): Song Young Miss, you have a very evil stepmother, don’t worry, I will definitely protect you!

Song Xi (deep feeling): that’s your stepmother too.

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