WFILTU Chapter 69 – Shock III

“Dear parents, I am the homeroom teacher for class one and also the English teacher, Yin Fang. Everyone should all be familiar with me!” Yin Fang’s eyes swept across the crowd, resuming her usual stiff expression.

The parents sat in the students’ positions, and the students stood in the back.

As soon as her words fell to the ground, the parents immediately applauded.

Li Sitong sat on Xue Jiao’s seat, which is the last row in the classroom, and near the door. The teacher is at the front, and there are many parents in the front who block her view.

If she doesn’t try hard to straighten her back, then she can only see half of the blackboard. Even if she used her maximum effort to straighten her neck, she still can’t see everything.

Her eyes unconsciously moved to the table.

The top of this table is clean, and there is only a class schedule posted in the upper right corner, which is neatly written.

Her line of sight fell onto the drawer, and the inside is stacked full of books. It was all wrapped in black and white lattice covers, with the title written on the side.

Li Sitong suddenly felt that she never seemed to fully understand this daughter…… 

“This time, our class scores have improved a bit compared to the first monthly exam. Although our class only has four that are ranked in the top ten of the grade, but, there are two, ranking in the top three of the whole year! Especially……” Yin Fang said up to here and paused, her sight moved to Gu Xuejiao, her eyes subtle.


She remembered that she herself had also bet against Gu Xuejiao in the class ranking, but she didn’t expect people to turn around and become first in the grade!

However, Yin Fang this person is a “performance-only theory”, Xue Jiao had earned her a lot of face. Although she had complex emotions in her heart, in the end, there was still more happiness.

Especially, since she can overwhelm Chu Sheng, that old thing in the class next door!

Although…… Yin Fang thinks that this time may be just a coincidence. During next week’s monthly exam, Chu Sheng will probably return to first rank in the grade.

“In particular, Gu Xuejiao attained a high score of 739! Let us all congratulate her!”

Yin Fang was the first to applaud. At this time, a voice rang out at the door. It was a rough male voice: “What? ! Someone attained 739 on the exam? !”

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Everyone was busy following their line of sights over. A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes while wearing sunglasses stood at the back door.

He is well dressed today, but everyone can see from the small details that this person has a very “nouveau riche” image, extremely arrogant.

Compared with his exaggerated appearance, Yi Tianyu who followed him looked a lot more eye-catching.

Yi Tianyu is tall and handsome, wearing a sweater and jeans. His entire face carried the youthful look of a teenager.

This pair of father and son are both very eye-catching.

Yi Tianyu pulled on Yi Dafa’s clothes and lowered his voice and said angrily: “You should be more quiet!”

Yi Dafa pushed away his hand and asked with a smile: “Where do you sit?”

“Right here. “Yi Tianyu reluctantly pointed to the nearest location.

Yi Dafa frowned: “Son, why is your position so terrible?”


“Stop talking nonsense and sit down!” Yi Tianyu pressed him to the seat, then wiped his sweat, swept his eyes towards the back, and walked directly towards Xue Jiao, who was in the corner.

Xue Jiao handed him two tissues.

“…… Thanks.” Yi Tianyu froze for a moment, then took it rather embarrassedly, and gently wiped the sweat on his forehead.

Xue Jiao shook her head:”It’s okay, why did you come so late?”

Yi Tianyu sighed: “My dad knew my results this time and had to come to the parent meeting. He was too excited on the road and crashed.”

His grades are not good, but Yi’s parents are quite concerned about his grades so they attained news of his results last night.

This morning, the two of them held a family meeting and had a fierce quarrel on who would head to the company, hence, delaying a lot of time.

“Ah? Are you okay?”

“Everyone is fine.”

Xue Jiao retracted her gaze and nodded.

Yi Tianyu approached slightly, lowering his voice, with a smile: “Wei, are you worried about me?”

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes and did not speak.

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  1. It was quite obvious from the get go who the ML was; the fierce, cold, only nice to MC, rich, talented, handsome top top CEO, but YTY and GXJ are so cute together too T.T puppy bf and tsundere gf.

  2. I really like the Yi family. I try not to get hung up on 2nd MLs but his family would be so nice and welcoming while MLs family can only be described as disturbing.

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