SOOEW Chapter 57 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XVIII

Wei Lingheng personally applied medicine to Wen Ying. This was a treatment that other imperial concubines would never even dare to think about. It would be great if the Majesty could even say a few more words with them, how would they dare to ask for more. But towards Wen Ying, Wei Lingheng couldn’t tell what kind of emotions he was feeling in his heart. Perhaps, since he has always been acting as a protector in his dreams, so even if he returned to reality, he couldn’t help but want to treat her well.

After a while, the rash gradually faded and he put the ointment aside.

She was still drunk, and the person was still a little stupefied. She looked out the window in a daze, and suddenly sighed.

“What?” He walked up to her, “Is there anywhere else that is feeling uncomfortable?”

“I seem to be married…… ” She seemed to have a bone stuck in her throat, and slowly turned her head back. “I am confused, I dreamed of you, but only thought that I haven’t been married yet. But, now that I think of it, I am already married.”

He held her hand, “Peipei…… “


She looked down at the hands between the two and smiled reluctantly. “I haven’t dreamt of you for many years, and you didn’t come again after I married someone. I thought you could stay with me forever…… How great would it be if you weren’t someone I dreamed.”

“Of course I am not from your dream.” He squeezed her hand tighter and laughed in a low voice. “Can the feelings in a dream be so real?”

“You are not what I dreamed?”

“No, my surname is Wei and my name is Ling Heng. My nickname is Chang Feng and I am not a knight, but…… “

“Chang Feng is really not someone from my dream?”

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She murmured and repeated, her empty eyes seemed to gather light, and for a moment, her tears came out unexpectedly. “Chang Feng is not the person from my dreams, so why didn’t you come?” She finally raised her eyes towards him, but the hatred in her eyes made him feel mourn.


Wen Ying held back her tears, her emotion-suppressed body trembled slightly, “Do you know that I am getting married? They all forced me to marry Song Zheng, to marry my brother-in-law. My mother wanted me to occupy that position, and Song Zheng wanted me to take care of his and his beloved wife’s children. Based on what? Why should I go be the shadow of my sister?”

Wei Lingheng’s breath was stagnant. He always knew that she hadn’t been well there, but he never thought about looking for her. She is just from his dream after all…… 

She laughed with tears: “But I was not worried. At that time, I thought, I still have Chang Feng, and I will wait for Chang Feng to save me. He is the most powerful, even if he is holding me, he can still fly outside the wall, and he must be reluctant to see me wronged…… But my Chang Feng did not come, he never came again…… “


She cried until she was gasping for breath and beat him almost weakly on the shoulder. “You lied to me, if you are not from my dream, why didn’t you come? Why not come?”

It was he who forgot. For him, it was just a simple and beautiful dream. However, for her, it may have been the only light that she can grasp in her life. The girl holding the dead cat came to his mind again, squatting in the opening next to the black rockery, depressed and lonely.

For the first time in Wei Lingheng’s life, he didn’t know what to do with a woman.

In fact, even if he took the dream seriously, she was already married. They did not dream at the same time, and he would never be able to return to that day and save her.

But, although he couldn’t at the time, doesn’t mean he can’t now.

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