WFILTU Chapter 70 – Shock IV

Yi Dafa, who had just settled down, said again: “Teacher, are there actually students who can attain a score of 739 on the exam?”

His question was purely from shock and curiosity.

Liu Yazhen’s eyes turned and she smiled at Yi Dafa. The other party’s sunglasses were too dark, and probably didn’t even notice her.

Liu Yazhen retrieved her gaze with some regret, and laughingly said: “That’s right, teacher, Gu Xuejiao can get such a high score, was there any tricks involved? Especially in just one month, charging from the rankings of hundreds to the first?”

Yi Dafa is just curious, but Liu Yazhen is totally targeting her. She is laughing with ridicule, as if she is certain that Gu Xuejiao’s results have some problems.

The parents in the class were startled, from a few hundred ranking to the first?

Li Sitong gritted her teeth and stared at the teacher..

“You’re wrong, Gu Xuejiao’s results were not improved in just one month. When she first arrived to our class, her total score was only a hundred points.”

“Boom—— “These words were like a bomb, which scared all the parents in the class.

“But this semester, Gu Xuejiao has always been exceptionally serious. We have brought two of each text for the class materials. However, student Gu Xuejiao has brought another one for each one, and even previewed them before class. She earnestly attends class, and then reviews after class. All the teachers have seen with their own eyes the efforts that student Gu Xuejiao has given.

Sometimes it’s like this, if you don’t have the results, others will only use two points of energy to look at your efforts.

Even with these two points, others will still doubt. She has used so much effort, yet her results are still so bad, is it because she actually doesn’t work hard enough?

Even if they make sure that you have worked very hard, people will still say—— She works so hard, yet her grades are so bad, so is she not suitable for learning? Is she studying in a dumb manner?

But, once you have the grades, then your efforts are all in the eyes of others, for fear of missing a little.


Yin Fang stopped for two seconds, and then said: “Therefore, under such efforts, Gu Xuejiao received a score of 451 on last month’s monthly exam. During this month, she received a score of 739. This type of upward moment is the correct upward movement from efforts! Parents, you can also see from Gu Xuejiao’s achievements that heaven won’t be irresponsible to those with a conscientious heart. As  long as the children work hard, there is nothing that can’t be done!”

“Bravo!” Yi Dafa shouted and applauded.

“Children, you are now in your second year of high school, and half of the first semester of your second year in high school has already passed. You are getting closer and closer to the third year and towards the college entrance examination! It is not too late to work hard at this time, Gu Xuejiao is an example! Moreover, if you feel that your grades are okay, and just relax, there are countless others that are still working hard! The college entrance examination is a single bridge. If you don’t work hard, you will be squeezed out by the hard-working students!” Yin Fang elevated her voice.

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“Correct!” Yi Dafa took the lead in applauding again, and other parents also followed along, and desperately tried to applaud.

“High school is the most critical time for children. Parents also need to do their jobs well. The college entrance examination is not a singular person’s job. The children’s performance cannot be separated from their teachers, nor from you!”

Yin Fang raised her voice to continue to emphasize on what the parents should be doing. Yi Tianyu stood next to Xue Jiao, seeming as if he was struck by thunder.

“You you you you you—— “He stammers.

Xue Jiao turned her head and smiled as she looked at his lips.

Yi Tianyu took a deep breath and said after a long delay: “Your…results…739?”


Is this what Nima* a person can score?!

*nima: your mother

His eyes were too shocked, and Xue Jiao couldn’t help but want to laugh:”En…… “


Yi Tianyu leaned slightly to the side, this Nima is far away compared to the “Thought it was a bronze, and yet it turned out to be a king” shock!

Yin Fang said that Xue Jiao is earnest, and everything has been improving from the start of the school until now. Yi Tianyu unconsciously thinks about the first time they met, and the other party’s appearance of speaking with fervour and assurance. Also from the start of school until now, she completed all the exercises in advance, yet they were solved perfectly…… 

As well as…Last month’s monthly exam…

“Just passed…… ” She said that after the first monthly exam.

“En, I used my maximum strength.” She said that after the second monthly exam.

“Boom—— ” The brain exploded in an instant, and Yi Tianyu stared incredulously at the calm girl next to him.

She is still as good-looking as ever, a pair of big eyes blinked gently, and her curled and thick eyelashes fluttered, causing a riot in people’s hearts.

The 1.6 meter her is standing besides the 1.9 meter him, looking abnormally petite.

But it’s just that the one who looks like this, the weak, and obedient teenage girl, who turned out to be——

Yi Tianyu lowered his voice and gritted his teeth: “Gu Xuejiao! You! It’s all faked! You last month! Only deliberately test ninety!”

Xue Jiao raised her eyebrows, and turned her head, with surprise in her eyes.

Yi Tianyu has this IQ?

Seeing her not denying it, Yi Tianyu was angered until he was gasping:”You—— Quite capable—— “

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  1. Haha, Yi Tianyu has a solid enough brain! It’s just that he’s so lazy all this time.

  2. I like the homeroom teacher and school staff in this novel. Compared to other school novels when MC have to prove she didn’t cheat… In this novel, this school teachers really appreciated students’ hardwork and didn’t doubt an improving student when they already see growth in her.

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