WFILTU Chapter 71 – Shock V

Yin Fang was almost finished at this time, and picked up the stack of transcripts on the podium, “This is the results of everyone in our class. There are the results of each subject inside. It is printed according to the class ranking. The third column is the grade ranking. The last column is the ranking change. All the parents can take a look at it.”

She went down the podium, and while issuing each parent one, she continued to say: “There are many students who have made remarkable progress this time, such as Gu Xuejiao, Li An, Liu…… “

After having said some names, she paused: “There is also Yi Tianyu, who also gained more than two hundred points compared to the first monthly exam. This is all progress. As long as you follow this trend, there will be no problem in entering university in the future. Parents must urge learning.”

“Correct! Must urge, must urge!” Yi Dafa laughed with two rows of teeth, and fortunately did not remove his sunglasses, as they originally would not be able to see his eyes.

Yin Fang was startled by him and took a breath before continuing: “Of course, when someone progresses, someone regresses, and students like Yu Fangfang and Cheng Mingjiao are obviously regressing. Parents take a look at the last column. Parents must discuss with the students who have regressed and look for the problems. It is now their second year of high school. Time is not waiting for anyone!”

“Everyone should take a look first, I will head out to find the teachers of the subjects to come and discuss with everyone.”

As soon as Yin Fang left, the classroom became lively.

Liu Yazhen looked at the transcript and went straight to see Cheng Mingjiao’s results.

Cheng Mingjiao, 668, ranking 99, declined 81 ranks.

After looking at Gu Xuejiao’s shocking results again, she wished she could bite her to death.

Gu Xuejiao!


She didn’t believe that girl could earn a result of 739 on the exam! Did they think she never went to school?

In addition to taking classes at school, Cheng Mingjiao also has cram schools on weekends, yet her best results only got her a ranking of 18.

How could Gu Xuejiao, the girl who used to be a red haired hooligan obtain such high results?

She does not believe that the child taught by Li Sitong can be a good one!

However, Yin Fang is already convinced that Gu Xuejiao’s results have no problem, and Liu Yazhen has nothing to say.

But Cheng Mingjiao…… 

has actually dropped so much?!

Liu Yazhen glanced back, sweeping her view across Cheng Mingjiao, and bit her teeth. 

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Yi Dafa looked at the transcripts, and he was a little bit stunned. In fact, Yi Tianyu seemed to have improved too much in his opinion. The result was that he was still the second-to-last in the class, but his grade ranking increased a lot.

He looked at Gu Xuejiao’s multidisciplinary perfect score, and he just felt that person was like a god.

Don’t know what kind of parents can teach such a kid?

His sight swept to the woman next to him who was holding the transcript while stunned. The woman does not look young, but still beautiful.

Of course, Yi Dafa was not a man who was hooked once he saw a beautiful woman. He just thinks, the other party was sitting in such a bad seat like him, and was currently looking at the transcript while stunned. Can it be possible that…… this is the parent of the child who ranked last?

Hence, he turned his head, took off his sunglasses, and smiled enigmatically.

“This mother, how are your child’s results?”

Li Sitong came out of her stunned phase, and moved her stiff head. She looked at the “local tyrant” next to her, not saying a word.

Forgive her, the shock she received today was not small.

Yi Dafa had an entire expression of as expected, and laughed:”My son’s grades are not good, and his position is not good, but fortunately, he works hard. Do you know, he used to never study before, and even hitting wouldn’t move him. Letting him study is like wanting his life! Yet recently, under our education, he finally knows to study hard and reads at home every night. My son’s mother and I would coach him…… “

Yi Dafa spoke with fervour and confidence, yet, Li Sitong’s thoughts drifted away again.


It seems that ever since Xue Jiao started to study hard by herself, Li Sitong didn’t pay much attention to her studies, and cared more about other things.

Last time…..she even slapped her.

“Therefore, a child’s progress cannot be separated from the efforts of the parents. I always pay attention to his studies and encourage him. My son can earn an extra two hundred points, and I feel that I, as a parent, have also done a good job!”

Li Sitong nodded and looked at him with some admiration: “You did it right, and did it well. I should learn from you.”

“Hei hei hei, yeah, I will continue to work hard in the future, supervise his studies, and coach him on homework!” Once Yi Dafa began bragging, he couldn’t hold back, “By the way, is your child Xi Junyang?”

Li Sitong shook her head, looked at him, said seriously, calmly——

“No, my daughter is Gu Xuejiao.”


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