SOOEW Chapter 58 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XIX

His mind was suddenly filled with a thought, and he lowered his head and asked her: “If you don’t want to stay in Song’s house, then Zhen* will take you away now, okay?”

*Zhen – “I”, similar to the royal We

She raised her head in tears, and blinked her eyes that were blurred by the tears, her pupils rolling down.


She uttered the word softly spit out from the tip of her tongue, and his heart suddenly “Ge Deng” once.

After Wen Ying was stunned, her eyes wandered around him, from his black-colored five-clawed golden dragon embroidered robe, to the boots under the robe, and to the jade buckle on his waist, which all showed his identity…… 

“…… Are you the emperor?”

Her face suddenly paled, as if she had been awakened from her drunkenness, tasting the words, and then suddenly retreated.

Before he could react, she was already on her knees:”I…… chenqie* has seen your Majesty……”

*chenqie – form of self-address to the emperor by female servants


Wei Lingheng’s eyes sank, and he leaned in to help her up without a word.

She still only did her own thing and said: “Chenqie has lost her courtesy after drinking, Your Majesty, forgive…… ” Seeing that a head was about to knock against the floor, he was able to block her forehead with his hand. She turned her head and insisted on knocking down, and he was finally a little angry.

“Do you have to do this? Zhen is the emperor, yet, can’t I also be your Chang Feng?”

Wen Ying doesn’t answer.

He fixedly looked at her, “Do you still want to stay in Song’s Family?”

Under the pressure of his aura, she finally nodded.

“Chenqie didn’t know before and thought it was just in a dream…… If your Majesty also had such a dream, then just treat it as a dream.”

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On the way back, Wen Ying and Song Xi were sitting in a carriage together, and both were relatively wordless. Fortunately, Song Xi saw the red rash on her face that had not disappeared completely, and did not doubt her whereabouts..

After returning to the manor, she heard that there was still a lot of trouble at the banquet after she left. It turned out that the cousin of the Wen family was unwilling to let Song Xi snatch the attention of the third prince. While playing games together, she framed Song Xi for stealing a noble miss’s jewelry. She was in a hurry, and the affair was too rough. Song Xi only used a little bit of effort to force her helper to speak the truth. Instead, Song Xi was able to make a big splash.

On the original track, there is also such an incident.

Originally, the empress would also not like Song Xi because of wearing the same outfit, which invisibly increased the obstacles, and later it was a stumbling block between Song Xi and the third prince. However, now, because of her help, the empress has a good impression of Song Xi.

She thought humorously, she could be regarded as providing a small help towards the Lord God, right??

When they returned to Song Mansion, Song Xi was obedient, and thanked her in front of Song Zheng. Of course, she was referring to the incident of wearing the same outfit. It was a superficial effort.


Wen Ying thinks that the last warning has been effective. If they can stay in this way until the end of the mission, it would be for the best.

Towards Wei Lingheng, Wen Ying has her own considerations. The effect of using the dream inducing incense is better than she imagined, but she couldn’t immediately agree to respond towards the other.

She is just a role in the emperor’s dream, and if she is easily obtained before he deepens his impression, how can he cherish her?

On this day, she didn’t use the dreams inducing incense to weave her dreams, and had a good night’s sleep.

The next day, after Song Zheng went out, Wen Ying suddenly found that there was an extra piece of letter in her make up box, paired with a hairpin made of a silver butterfly and white jade reflecting green. The workmanship was exquisite, and even the pair of butterfly antennas were lifelike.

Looking at the letter, her heart beats at twice its speed, and she piled the letter to her heart.

It was actually given by Wei Lingheng!

She wasn’t surprised that the other party had a widespread reach. As far as she knew, he has unknown shadow guards under his hand, as well as a group of capable talents, who were proficient in all kinds of strange skills..

But his meaning was that he didn’t want to give up on her, or did he want to say goodbye to her?

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