WFILTU Chapter 72 – Change Seats I

“Keke*——” Yi Dafa coughed desperately while patting his chest.

*sound of coughing

“What’s wrong with you*?” Li Sitong opened her eyes slightly and asked probingly.

*polite form of you

Yi Dafa’s eyes widened and he stared at her closely:” Your daughter is Gu Xuejiao! The one that tested and obtained results of 739! ! !”

“Correct…… “

Yi Dafa grabbed her wrist and pleaded: “Can you please teach me how to be a parent? How did you educate such a child? What do you usually provide for her to eat? Do you supervise her on her studies when she returns home? How do you usually communicate with her? How frequently? Did  you hire a tutor for her or applied for a cram school? Which teacher? What role does your child’s father play in her life? You…… “



Li Sitong’s head seemed like it exploded and became sore from Yi Dafa’s chanting.

She moved, taking her hand out of Yi Dafa’s hand, and rubbed it. Then, she smiled forcefully: “I…… don’t normally supervise her studies, and her food is very simple too…… just normal food, and there’s no discussion…… also, did not hire a tutor……”

“This parent!” Yi Dafa had a serious expression. “Don’t worry, the gap between my son and your child is tens of thousands of miles, and it is impossible to surpass her. You shouldn’t hide anymore. We are all parents who care about our children, so you can please guide me!”

“I…… “

“Alright, parents!” Yinfang came in and interrupted Li Sitong’s embarrassing words.

She hurriedly looked at Yinfang, pretending to be very serious and listening to the teacher. Yi Dafa didn’t dare to speak anymore. After gazing at the transcript on the desktop, he looked at Li Sitong again, as if he had a thousand words to tell Li Sitong, and then finally turned towards Yin Fang.

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The teachers of each subject spoke one by one, roughly speaking about some of the situations in the class, and complimenting some students.

Almost every teacher praised Gu Xuejiao. Assiduous, hard working, and all the good adjectives that can be used are all used on her.

This parent-teacher meeting lasted until after eleven o’clock, until the first half was finally over.

“Ok, all the parents have worked hard. If you want to talk to the teachers for the various subjects or if you want to talk to me, you can talk to us now. Parents who have nothing to do can have their meals. Don’t forget to listen to the principal in the auditorium at two o’clock in the afternoon…… “

The students flocked towards their parents from behind, and the classroom became noisy.

Yi Dafa finally moved his gaze to Li Sitong again and took out a business card: “My name is Yi Dafa, and I am doing real estate now. The Emerald Pavilion property is newly opened by my family. If you want to see any houses in the future, you can just give my name!”


“No need, no need!” No matter how ignorant Li Sitong  was in business matters, she still knows about the real estates of the Emerald Pavilion. It seems that the person in front of her is the boss of Dafa Real Estate Company! If Lin Shi of C city is not counted, then Dafa Real Estate is the richest company in this city…… 

“No need to be polite! It’s ok! You should just take it! Can you please just teach me how to tutor my child. Let me tell you the truth, my child has always been disobedient, but suddenly, a few days ago, he started to seriously study. I actually don’t know why this is, so I really want to know how to deal with it and how to make him continue to persevere?” Yi Dafa kept stuffing the business card to her.

Liu Yazhen’s face turned ugly as she looked on from a distance.

Cheng Kai has just left the Cheng Family company and started a building materials company by himself. Now he has a purpose of getting to know real estate companies. If he can connect with the real estate leader Dafa, the company can be said to be able to become famous immediately.

However, Cheng Kai has always wanted to know the other, but the result was that the other person was now desperately giving Li Sitong his business card!

A vixen is always a vixen!

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