SOOEW Chapter 59 – The emperor who tried to seize his wife XX

In her dreams, Chang Feng had once dropped her hairpin by mistake, and it was very similar to this one. This was like an ex who returns everything back to the other party after a breakup. IF he wants to use this to say goodbye to her, it would make sense.

It was also not very clear on the letter, there was only a signature left on it…… 

Suddenly there was a sound that emerged from behind:”Madam……” It was Qiu Se who entered with a copper basin used for washing.

Wen Ying’s heart trembled and she covered her heart, while still holding the hairpin in her hand. She looked over at her and questioned: “Why aren’t you producing any noise while walking?”

“Yi*?”Qiu Se put the copper basin on the shelf and rolled up the sleeves for Wen Ying who came to wash up.” It’s probably because Madam was thinking too seriously and didn’t hear the sound from this servant.”

*yi- sound of surprise

That makes sense too.

Wen Ying washed her face and became more lucid. She glanced at her and said casually: “What kind of powder did you apply today? The color on your neck is different.”

Qiu Se touched her neck.”Is, is it?”

“What would I lie towards you for?” Wen Ying laughingly said. Something flashed quickly in her mind, and she pressed her lower lip. “By the way, where did you place the citrus colored coat* I wore the day before? Go find it and bring it for me to wear.”

*beizi- a long loose coat worn during the song and ming dynasty, also common in the wuxia dramas, the outer layers that flutter 


She answered with an “Ai”, and hurriedly went to find the clothes on the shelf behind the bed. However, even after searching for a long time, she still didn’t find the one that Wen Ying indicated, so she was a little anxious. Wen Ying started to question through the screen, and she could only respond with:”Madam please wait a little, I remember it was left here…… “

“Was it? Let me see.”

Wen Ying’s voice came from behind, and she didn’t pay attention either, but, suddenly, her body stiffened and her expression was frozen.

It turned out to be a sharp pair of scissors that were placed against her neck!

“You are not Qiu Se, who are you?”

“Madam is joking, how can I not…… “

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“That quilt was hooked by the thread and was taken by Qiu Se to the seamstresses. How could you not know if you are Qiu Se?”

“Qiu Se” hesitated for a while, the situation was such that she had no choice but to kneel on one knee, “Madam forgive me, I did not intend to hide it. I am the one sent by His Majesty to protect Madam.”

Wen Ying looked dazed and released the scissors.

“Qiu Se” carefully looked up at her, “What His Majesty meant is to find an opportunity to reveal my identity to Madam and ask Madam to be in charge of my dispatch. However, I didn’t expect Madam to find something wrong so quickly…… “

“Are you using impersonation skills?” Wen Ying asked, “Since you are here, then what about Qiu Se?”

“Madam is very knowledgeable and even knows about impersonation skills. His Majesty sent me here, because I am good at disguise and my stature is comparable to that of Miss Qiu Se. Don’t worry, Madam, I have already settled Miss Qiu Se.” She was a little surprised, after all, how can an ordinary madam in the house know these Jianghu tricks?

Wen Ying asked again: “Then was it you who also placed the letter and the hairpin?”

“In response to Madam, yes, it was.”


“You stand up first.” She sighed, and her expression seemed a little complicated. She walked back to the dressing table and took out the hairpin and letter together. “You will return these two to him for me.”

“This……” She did not dare to receive it.

She whispered, “I have no fate with him in this life, so why should I keep these?”

After a while, “Qiu Se” showed a hesitant look. She didn’t know how to persuade Wen Ying because of her identity, but the Madam’s point was clearly that if she didn’t take it, she was about to throw it away. She had done so many things for His Majesty, and had such a difficult time.

The chief eunuch is right, love and relationships are really too annoying!

Because she was thinking, so she couldn’t help being distracted. She didn’t even hear anyone coming in until Song Zheng’s deep voice sounded:”What are you guys doing?”

He left an important official letter at home, and came just to get it back. But as soon as he entered the bedroom, the atmosphere in the room couldn’t help but make him wonder. His line of sight fell on the hairpin in Wen Ying’s hand. 


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