WFILTU Chapter 73- Change seats II

Li Sitong doesn’t know what Liu Yazhen thinks of herself, but she is really very embarrassed right now. The more Yi Dafa says, the more embarrassed she becomes.

Never had she paid attention towards Xue Jiao’s studies!

Before, Xue Jiao used to be ignorant, and the two of them quarreled all day long. Now, Xue Jiao is sensible, but alienated and indifferent toward her, so Li Sitong still didn’t focus on her studies!

*I have no words towards Li Sitong’s actions lmao 

“You take it, take it! Remember to take out this business card when buying a house!” Yi Dafa showed an expression that indicated, you understand and I understand.

Li Sitong smiled strainingly: “I really didn’t pay much attention to my child’s learning…… “

“You shouldn’t continue to be humble!”

The business card that Yi Dafa had just given to Li Sitong was taken away by one hand. The two looked over and it was Yi Tianyu.

The other party is playing with the business card, with a spurious smile.

“Dad, when you asked this aunt, you truly asked the wrong person. This aunt really does not care about Gu Xuejiao’s grades, nor does she care about Gu Xuejiao. Last time, when classmate Gu Xuejiao was bullied by her cousin, this aunt slapped classmate Gu Xuejiao in public indiscriminately.”

As soon as Yi Tianyu’s words fell, Li Sitong flushed with embarrassment, wishing to find a hole to crawl into.

“Ah? There’s actually such a thing?” Yi Dafa looked at Li Sitong in shock.

Li Sitong was embarrassed and stood up wanting to leave.

“Sister, it’s not that I want to talk about you. Whose family’s child is not a treasure? My son obtained results of second to last on the test and I was exuberant. Your daughter is ranked first! If this is my daughter, I would really treat her as a darling and dote on her!”

As he said this, his eyes met Xue Jiao who was slowly walking over.

Yi Dafa was stunned for a moment, then suddenly raised his voice: “Little classmate! It’s you!”

Turning his head, he slapped Yi Tianyu’s arm: “You didn’t tell me that this little student is in the same class as you!”

Gu Xuejiao had a good impression of this person, and then smiled slightly: “Hello, uncle.”

Then, she looked at Li Sitong and whispered: “Mom.”

This word, politely alienating.

Yi Dafa was immediately stunned: “This little classmate is Gu Xuejiao? !”


Yi Tianyu nodded: “Yes, she is Gu Xuejiao, this aunt’s daughter.”

Before, Yi Dafa’s view towards Li Sitong carried some strangeness and shock. However, at this moment, he was looking at her like he was looking at an idiot, and his gaze even carried some anger.

“Such a cute and obedient girl with good grades, you are even willing to hit…… “

Li Sitong’s face was flushed, only feeling extremely embarrassed. She turned around and grabbed Xue Jiao.

“Jiao Jiao, let’s head out for lunch first!”

She pulled on Xue Jiao and only took two steps. Then, she suddenly stopped, and turned back to look at her: “That…… Jiao Jiao, you are awesome, mom is very happy. In the future, mom will definitely believe in you!”

Xue Jiao just looked at her without saying a word.

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The feelings that were originally weak have been hurt thoroughly. So where would she give birth to new feelings?

“Jiao Jiao, let’s find your teacher!” Li Sitong, who was originally ashamed to the point that all she wanted to do was leave, abruptly changed her mind. She feels that she should do something.

Li Sitong held Xue Jiao’s hand tightly and approached Yin Fang.

Yin Fang was already surrounded by people at this moment, and she was constantly talking to parents. Li Sitong pulled her in, but also was too embarrassed to squeeze in, so she stood awkwardly on the side.

Yin Fang, who was surrounded by the crowd, saw them. She said something to the parents next to her, and then approached them, and those parents also followed.

“Gu Xuejiao’s mom, what’s the matter?”

Yin Fang was pretty kind to her, so Li Sitong pulled out a smile: “That, Teacher Yin, Xue Jiao’s results this time all depended on you, and in the future, will also depend on you guys to take care some more.”

Yinfang is also a bit embarrassed, after all, she has never believed that Xue Jiao can do very well on the exam.

“It should be, should be. Moreover, Gu Xuejiao’s grades were achieved by her own hard work. This child is very serious. She is a day school student. You, as the parents, should be more concerned about her living habits and watch her more on the weekends.”

“Ok, Ok, thank you Teacher Yin!”


“You’re welcome.” Yinfang smilingly said. Then, seeing her not leaving, she asked again, “Does Gu Xuejiao’s mother have anything else to ask?”

“It’s like this. I just sat in Xue Jiao’s seat, and I can;t see the blackboard. Xue Jiao is not too tall, so the position…… can it be changed?” Li Sitong smiled and said with an expression of hope.

Yin was stunned for a moment before she thought of Xue Jiao’s “Bad Students” special seat, immediately said with a smile: “Yes, yes, the positions are temporary, and should have originally been changed!”

“Thank you, teacher, for all your troubles!”

Li Sitong laughed suddenly, smiling brightly. “Jiao Jiao, hurry and thank the teacher.”

“Thank you Teacher Yin.”Xue Jiao thanked obediently.

“No worries, no worries.”

“Then, Teacher Yin, goodbye.” Li Sitong said her greetings, and then she took Xue Jiao away.

At this time, Yi Tianyu, who had not left the back row poked his melancholy old man: “Wei*, old man, Gu Xuejiao is about to change her seat.”

*Wei- Yo

“It should be changed.”Yi Dafa nodded, “Your teacher has unreasonably arranged the seats. The little girl is not tall, so how can she place her in the last row?  It should have been changed a long time ago.”

Yi Tianyu coldly said a phrase: “I was only able to improve this time because she helped me review.”

Yi Dafa was stunned for two seconds, and then suddenly said: “Teacher Yin——”

While shouting in sorrow, he squeezed towards Yin Fang.

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  1. Poor Xue Jiao. Father Yi is a good father imo, not great (As he probably a part of reason why Tianyu doesn’t have a goal; probably spoiling him too much and when he realize it’s a bit too late, but not too late to change) but still a good father.

    • Yeah. Unlike Li Sitong, he’s still paying attention to his son’s school experience and studying!

  2. Oh, i was wondering if this was the end of the duet.
    but there´s still hope. (not much)

  3. Tianyu is the best. Can he be our ML plsssssss. And his dad is so funny and kind. He already likes Xuejiao too

  4. It left a bad taste in my mouth when people credited MC’s sole effort to the mother but even if it’s a compliment to the teacher, it is still disgusting. The teacher and mother both have done nothing but to undermine, scold and discriminate her.

    • True, but that’s just how the world works. If you work in a company your hard work will also be credited to your lazy superior…

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